Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ya'll didn't tell me

you were magical blog followers!!

All your juju and good thoughts have worked wonders. Tweed has been limp-free since Thursday. I upped his exercise a bit and even with running, jumping and some (Ru-free) hiking, he's weight bearing on all legs, and no limping at all. He gets to go back to class next week. Hazzah!

Look how happy he is! Piper doesn't look so happy though...

I shall reward you all your efforts with totally unstaged (ha ha) photos of dogs in a blueberry field on a sunny day!

This is not my good side. Beeyotch. Lucky for you I'm in a good mood.

It'd be nice if his tail was the same colour as the rest of him. Every summer it bleaches out, and doesn't catch up to his darker coat until Spring, just in time for the process to start all over again.

This is Piper's impression of a carpenter's level.

Mr. Woo = two functions only: "Sit" and "Hunt." He managed to offload his bear bell in some undergrowth about 4 days after I implemented it. But we have been working very hard on stuffing his face with homemade fish brownies every time he answers a recall, and I'm getting about 50% success. Which is better than 0%, which is what it had deteriorated to,

Dexter is only half interested in what I have to say, apparently.

Anyway, thanks again for all your marvelous healing thoughts!! We are so happy to have a fully functioning Tweed again :)

Now I have to go throw the ball for Miss Piper.


EvenSong said...

Inquiring minds need to know: with all of Piper's energy focused on making mad teeth at a healthy Tweed (YEAH!), what happened when sweet little Dexter, of the half-mast ear, landed upon her?!?

Blue said...

I'm so glad to hear that Tweed is feeling better!

Would you mind sharing the recipe for the fish brownies? My Aussie LOVES fish.

Benny and Lily said...

What cool pictures. We are tired just looking at you..BOL..Limp free-cause we had our paws crossed for ya
Benny & Lily

Janice in GA said...

Yay Tweed! Stay well, old son!

riosmom said...

Yahoo! Nuff said. Tips down, Dexter.

Emma Rose said...

Homemade fish brownies? Need recipe, plz!!! Sounds like something very tempting to wayward kids.

Alex93andme said...

Good gooding Tweed!!! Stay well!! Love the pictures!! Debbie and Hollydog

nickelsmum said...

Yay Tweed! And that first multi-action shot is AWE INSPIRING. You should enter that in a contest. It looks Photoshopped and (I assume!) is not!

Redbirdie said...

Good going Tweed!

Anonymous said...

Glad Tweed is better....didn't take Mr. Woo very long to lose the bell, did it? Smart fella that he is! Fish brownies does sound rather YUM..recipe please?

julie said...

Yay for Tweed!!!!

Debra Kay said...

Please send healing thoughts to my back-Molly is going nuts since I can't throw the magic squeaky turkey....LOL.

Woo woo woo-don't run off and scare your Mom. That's my deepest seated fear-that one will leave and I can't find them.

Molly has the same red hair issues-she doesn't bleach out evenly. She's a girl so I just say she has summer highlights.

Anonymous said...


I, too, have one pupster who loves to go off hunting. Sometimes she is successful-yyyyyeeuck.

Anyway, have you tried finding a hole or whatever it is Woo is after and then calling him to show him your most excellent find? In chipmunk season I actually have better recall because it is believed this food lady has mystical powers to control the appearance of chippy holes.

I also have dig on cue so sometimes I'll bluff a find. Digging at nothing is meets with varying degrees of satisfaction, but most days it is is pretty cool. Woo already gets filthy, so here's more opportunities for dirt in his ears to cover up all that blood.

Lynn said...

Love the photos. I think, 9 times out of 10, when I see a new photo of Dexter, I laugh out loud! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Food Lady you just scared the livin beejeesuz outa me. Just looked at That'll Do Rescue and saw a pup called DEXTER up for adoption. Had to check and check limb, by limb, tail, ears and markings to make sure it wasn't your/our Dexter.

Michelle said...

I love Woo!! He's so cute! Glad Tweed is feeling better and back on his feet.