Sunday, February 07, 2010

The answers you seek

EvenSong said...

Inquiring minds need to know: with all of Piper's energy focused on making mad teeth at a healthy Tweed (YEAH!), what happened when sweet little Dexter, of the half-mast ear, landed upon her?!?

Nothing! He did not land on her, as he's not allowed to do that. He tends to land beside her, and then get run over as she barrels through him :)


Blue said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe for the fish brownies? My Aussie LOVES fish.

Sure! But first, the history: The Sadist, aka my agility teacher, is unnaturally competitive. It must be an Austrian thing. He is even competitive about his dog treats. So every class, he tries to lure my dogs away from me with his own home made dog treats and then gets all puffed up and happy when it works. Of course, he could probably lure them away with Elmer's Glue, because my dogs are gluttons and will eat just about anything. I don't have the heart to tell him this, plus he wouldn't be able to hear me over the sound of his own crowing.

Anyhoo, I am trying to improve my treats, because I am going to lure his dog Biscuit away from him and replace her with Wootie. I make the ubiquitous "dog brownie" with whatever happens to be in my pantry. I use liver, chicken gizzards - whatever. At the moment, I am using salmon because I have lots and lots of salmon (thanks Jez!). Canned salmon works best, but ground up salmon works fine too.

This is very complicated, so pay close attention.

You'll need: salmon, a couple of eggs, some flour, some baking powder and some baking soda. I can't tell you how much, because I am a free spirit when it comes to baking or cooking. I throw it all in the food processor until it's lump-free, then gag whilst spatula-ing it out into a baking pan (a pan which, I should add, is only used for dog baking. For that matter, so is the food processor). I fight with it for a bit until it's sort of smooth, then I throw it in the oven at either 225 or 300 (because I always forget which temperature is the right one) and leave it there until I notice a smell bothering me and remember that I'm baking dog cookies.

Voila! You can make them with anything! You can use ground beef if you want, and sometimes I add parmesan cheese, or just grated cheese, garlic powder or any other spice I grab out of the cupboard. The stinkier the better.

I smell cookies

Anonymous said...

I, too, have one pupster who loves to go off hunting. Sometimes she is successful-yyyyyeeuck.

Anyway, have you tried finding a hole or whatever it is Woo is after and then calling him to show him your most excellent find? In chipmunk season I actually have better recall because it is believed this food lady has mystical powers to control the appearance of chippy holes.

That would probably work, except Wootie knows where the best hunting grounds are, and they aren't accessible by humans. Today he returned from another hunt bleeding once again from his ear and ALSO from his Flamboyance!

I've told him to be more careful, but he's not listening.

Anonymous said...

Oh Food Lady you just scared the livin beejeesuz outa me. Just looked at That'll Do Rescue and saw a pup called DEXTER up for adoption. Had to check and check limb, by limb, tail, ears and markings to make sure it wasn't your/our Dexter.

dexter 191002

Well of COURSE not! As if I'd give away my cutiepatootie puppywuppy! And as if I'd give some other dog his same name! THAT Dexter was named by the shelter, so nothing I could do about it, unfortunately. The only thing he really shares with TOD (The Original Dexter) is really loooong legs. Otherwise, they aren't very mix-upable.

Other Dexter is not available for adoption yet, but when he is, you'll be able to read more about him here.

Lastly, those of you who enjoyed Finn's Sarna Dog Chronicles blog will want to follow her to Haiti via RabidGoats. Happy reading!


Debra Kay said...

Oh no, not the Flamboyance! Woo, I plead with you, stop the nonsense.

nickelsmum said...

You can use canned mackerel, too. Cheap (it goes on sale), extremely healthy, and extremely stinky, i.e. alluring. Hey FL -- might be able to outcompete The Sadist if you switch to mackerel. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Shelter Dexter is a cutie - looks softer than your 'ears up' Dex but just as intense!

angie said...

ew, gag me. i'll buy my cookies pre-baked. actually, i can't buy cookies, i have to buy tiny chewy bits for gums mcweenie.

i love the other dexter! beautiful boy. i love your dexter too, but i probably say that enough.

StefRobrts said...

Last time I got over-ambitious and tried making liver dog cookies the house stunk for a week! Now if you really want stinky, you need tripe. Smells like a sheep exploded. Seriously nasty stuff!

suzanne said...

might there be a reason for the apparant gender discrimination sic Dexter is not allowed to "land on" Piper but she is allowed to "barrel right through him"?
I had actually wondered when I saw that photo if he was mad teething (tm) Tweed in "support" of his sister.

Michelle said...

You can't trade Woo!!! I'll take him, bleeding Flamboyance and all!!

finn said...

How you deal with all that raw meat is completely beyond me. And I say that as a woman who has done some nasty, nasty vet work. I only handle organs if something is imminently in danger of biting it if I dont.

Thank you thank you thank you for re-linking to me but the link is bad. The proper address is

I miss your ass.


Blue said...

Thank you for sharing!