Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I could blog about this dog

all day, and I don't even know his name!

He's a border collie X Aussie, like Tweed, and he shares Tweed's passion for making funny shaking faces.

But he is much, much funnier than Tweed can ever hope to be.

ha ha!

Tweed is not speaking to me at the moment.

F*ck off.

You may recall a couple of blog posts ago I mentioned off the cuff that Tweed had injured himself whilst chasing Ruger through the forest in Belcarra.

Well, he is still injured. For about two days he was a tripod, and then his left hind leg came down, but while his toes are brushing the earth, his foot is by no means supporting very much weight at all. We went off to see our friendly new veterinarian who diagnosed him with a serious case of "Uh, dunno."

He may or may not have arthritis in his knee. He may or may not have a sprain. He may or may not have a partial cruciate tear. He may or may not ever play agility again.

(*insert sad face here*)

As he is still not weight bearing on that leg, he is restricted to on leash walks only, lots of rest and is on some anti-inflammatories for 14 days. Should he still be gimpoid by the end of this regime (and we are on day 8 of the problem) we should probably sedate him and x-ray the knee.

The on-leash business is making him Very Angry.

F*ck you.

While his siblings romp, frisk, frolic and cavort, he plods along behind me in silent fury.

Yay! Running is So Much FUN!

Even strangers are mocking him.

The rage is building. Today he did something he's never done before - he slipped his lead while I was preparing to take a photo of someone else, and ran off!


He did the zoomies for about 3 minutes before I used Mad Mommy Voice to full effect, and then he hobbled back to me and let me re-leash him.

I feel really badly for him. And I feel really sorry for me - my hopes of placing high at Nationals just ran off with Tweed. And I feel really badly for all of you, because if he needs TPLO surgery, the only way I can conceive of paying for it is by selling off my camera gear.

It's a sucky situation all around. But hey, there's always a different way to look at things, right? I mean, at least I'm not bleeding from my head.




Really he's bleeding from his ear tips onto his head, because those ridiculously flappy things get caught on the thorns all the time.

And speaking of ears, I do believe Dexter...

... has been coveting Piper's ears.

That's because he wuvs his big sister.

They're really good friends. They're always togeth - GET OUT OF THE SHOT, TWEED!*

It's difficult, being so sexy.


*Because I know someone is going to point out that Tweed should be on-leash in that photo too, I would just like to say that we are being very strict about the leash business, but Tweed needed to go "Number Two" and he didn't want to do it on leash, so he was trundling off into the bushes to take of that - at a *walk*. The other off-leash photos were all taken when he slipped his lead and pulled a runner. I'm taking his knee problem very seriously, because I want him to heal up!


Janice in GA said...

Goodness, healing thought to Tweed! Get well soon!

Mrs. M said...

Please get well soon, Tweed, Food Lady's followers need pictures of your antics!

Ktbug Ladydid said...

Tweed, stop slipping the lead, and 'have yourself and get better so the Food Lady doesn't have to deprive us of you and your family!!! Half Pint sends hugs and kisses to you and your four cuties.

Blue said...

Keeping fingers and paws crossed that Tweed starts feeling better soon!

Carol said...

Aw, Tweed! Get better soon and make the FL happy!

Sorry about nationals. You sound so very disappointed!

SGR said...

Woof! Just LOVE the photos. Sending you Tweed my Golden Healing Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Benny and Lily said...

What great pictures!! We are surprised our ears don't get caught on stuff
Benny & Lily

Sweetpea said...

Always a pleasure to stop by your blog, Food Lady, and see what your woofers are up to! GET BETTER SOON, Tweed!!

Anonymous said...

Just tossing out that I for one would happily "subscribe" to this blog for a period of say 25.00 US dollars to go toward TPLO if it comes to that. Betcha others would too. Just sayin.... a picture.
Just DO NOT sell the camera.

Jill which is screwed up thank you wordpress

Tristan and Braun said...

Awww. that sucks. Hope Tweed heals on his own soon and you guys DO still make it to Nationals and no need for any camera-selling biz.

Maybe it is just a muscle strain?!?! Afterall he was chasing the legendary Ru, and everyone who chases the legendary Ru ends up gimpy for a bit.

Let's hope for the best! *hugz*

Jean said...

I second what Jill says - I'd much rather donate toward the surgery than be deprived of your photos!!!

The third one today just cracked me right up! I think that boy needs a snorkle - or maybe he is just pretending to be a Swamp Monster.

Natalie said...

Oh poor Tweed! and poor you! :( I hope it magically heals. Well, I can hope, right?

The pic of the dog half-submerged had me rolling. And of Woo after sticking his head into thornbushes. Some of our wonderbread-brains never learn...

Alex93andme said...

I sure hope Tweed gets better soon! Very soon! The pictures are great! The first pictures of the dog you don't know made me burst out laughing...funny!!! Debbie and Holly

Anonymous said...

Tweed - "I coulda been a contender" - get well soon!

Would Tweed be less sad were he say to come spend some recuperating time with some other tripod dogs down south? Nobody gets to go off leash at Auntie C's house.

Let's not be to hasty with either TPLO or camera selling. We're a creative lot, I'm sure we can "rearrange" things.

Anonymous said...

OMG, please don't sell your camera! One of the highlights of my day is looking to see if there are new photos and blog posts.

Life in vet school said...

Food Lady! For real!!! Look into PetPlan insurance -- (they have a Canadian branch whose URL might be different, but Google should sort it out). There's a time limit of a couple of weeks after you buy the policy before they'll cover surgery and stuff like that, but they have GREAT COVERAGE!!! I just had a ginormous claim covered completely, and the claims people are extremely nice. I can not say enough good things about them. And it might save your camera equipment. :)

Vicki said...

Poor Tweed. My chow/lab mix tore his cranial cruciate ligament, had surgery (lateral fabellar, or extracaspsular, procedure, not TPLO), tore the other one while recovering, had the same surgery on the other leg, and is now at about 95%. So from personal experience, I'd recommend LF, not TPLO, if it comes to that with Tweed.

Emma Rose said...

Yep. You could pay for it by selling some photos! Really. Hope Tweed improves on his own though.

KC said...

I too, would donate to help with Vet bills. I am inspired with your action photos and always look forward to them. There has to be a way for you to make money from your blog. Maybe Shreve from Daily Coyote could help you with some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Food Lady, I agree with what others have said, don't sell your camera! I'd be more than happy to pitch in for Tweed! I hope he gets better soon and quits slipping his lead!

brooke said...

Great pictures! I hope he doesn't need knee surgery, one because recovery for those are soooo long, and two I'd miss pictures!
The first dog shaking his head... great pictures! so funny!

nickelsmum said...

Unfortunately, insurance will never cover something that has already occurred. It only covers risks, i.e. things that could occur, but have not yet. (This is not the same concept as exclusion of pre-existing conditions.)

Even I would pay to subscribe, and I'm phenomenally cheap.

Get well soon, Tweed

- from Cedi, red Aussie with knee damage, no more flyball, we get it, we get it

Tatyana said...

omg is that dog actually blowing bubbles in the muddy water? that's so awesome!

Tweed - while you mend your leg you should learn to blow bubbles in water. Its a nice stationary activity. And I'm sure Food Lady will give you that much more attention. *nodnod*

Carol said...

Gizmo had TPLO on his left hind leg at the beginning of March. He was back to himself (note I do not say *normal*, since he is a doofus) after 3 months. He is very close in age to Tweed - born July 2000. It just costs an arm and leg :(.

But no selling camera equipment! I would happily purchase photos, subscriptions, etc. for my Tweedster! The snookums! I eagerly await any and all installments on both your blogs. I'm always showing them to my husband, too!

RachelB said...

Sending Tweed thoughts for speedy and complete healing.

Miriam M. Hughes said...

You cannot sell your camera. Sell your photos instead. Offer to write me a blog! : ) Oh wait - I can't afford that, but someone could! We've had to deal with it several times - decided the no surgery route, but Katie is not an agility dog either. She has arthritis but gets around really well for 11 years old.

Michelle said...

Argh. I've done the TPLO (twice). It sucks. I hope that he gets better soon.

I love the photos of the unknown cutie pie - especially the "Gator face" shot! I got such a giggle out of this post.

Anonymous said...

I opened up my new copy of The Whole Dog Journal this morning and there was an article about using "conservative management" to avoid TPLO surgery. Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, using a leg brace, supplements, etc, all being components of conservative management, works for some dogs. Here's hoping Tweed doesn't need surgery!

riosmom said...

I'm with everyone else - don't sell your camera, sell your pictures, write a book, sell me Dexter - just kidding on the latter. Hope Squeeze heals on his own.

Is that Dexter in the 6th picture of two black-and-whites racing? You must be tired of hearing it but he is so big! An agility friend who has a large Golden wanted a small one for her next agility dog and picked the smallest pup of a litter - that "puppy" is now bigger than her large Golden. Go figure.

Zoom said...

I ran into a similar situation with my former foster dog, Virgo the Evil Genius, when she blew her knee while tearing around after my Aussie and my friend's Pointer, Victor. There was no way on Earth that I could have afforded the surgery and neither of us were going to survive the recovery period (crating was a non-existent option without the use of enough sedatives to choke a horse). So I opted to try glucosamine/chondroitin/Joint Therapy supplements and lo and behold--she doesn't even limp anymore! She's now in a forever home in Saskatchewan and doing fabulous.

You might give that a shot and see what happens.

Zoom & Sawyer

riosmom said...

Eek on my last post - hoping Squeeze would heal. Squeeze is my friend's dog and doesn't need to heal. Hoping Tweed heals, stays healed, and does you proud in the Nationals.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can avoid surgery for Tweed. My acd has had TPLO on both knees at ages 7 and 9 yrs of age. She is still playing flyball just with vets now.

I agree - don't sell the camera. You can auction of photo shoots, pics, donations straight out, etc... I know I would send a little something or pay for one of your photos.

Debra Kay said...

Don't sell the camera-we will figure it out.

TWEED-stay on the leash you sill boy.

Woo-ears out of thorn bushes.

Dexter-it's ok to be big. Solo man is going to be big too-just more of you sweet boys to love love love.

Piper-you vixen. Molly is still in that oafish stage-she's not quite to vixen hood yet.

MalaysianFan said...

Man, when Tweed is miffed, he is really, truly, very visibly STEAMED. And I love the submarine dog who made his debut in this post!

Am saying powerful traditional Malaysian prayers for Tweed's limp.

me and my GSDs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
me and my GSDs said...

That picture is priceless! I love that dog just by default because of the picture. LOL

Tweed, behave yourself and heal please, we are sending lots of zen your way.

I was reading the website Ikea Hacks and saw a dog that looked amazingly like Woo, and what do you know, it was Woo! You're famous in so many ways Wootie, we love you.

Meep said...

Food Lady, I have a (possibly ridiculous) question.

(Also, long time reader, first time commenter :3)

In the shot of Piper and Dexter with Tweed's sneaky silhouette in the background, I noticed something about Piper that confuses me a little - I don't own dogs, although I would love to, so I don't know all that much about form and build.

Piper's front legs are set much wider apart than Dexter's, and she stands very differently - is this normal conformation for collies? Just curious.

Also, keep it up, Food Lady. Your blog gives my days a little piece of...well, peace, when I'm at work. Australia says hi :)

angie said...

ooh, love that funny guy!

feel better tweed. :(

don't sell your equipment. beg for donations if you need the money. it totally works. well, not for me, but for everyone else.