Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In the ongoing war of The Food Lady Versus Tweed And The Infected Toe, there is only one weapon.


But it's not a particularly effective weapon, since we are now on Bootie #3.

Hello up there! Hai! Take this off, or I will.

It's too big for him. The last one was too small for him. The first one was just right, until he ate it off.

I eventually got tired of it, so I just cut off all his legs. It makes his tail sexier anyway.

The good news is - his toe is totally healing and looks really good (but also creepy, because it's been shaved). No thanks to Tweed, who eats everything I wrap his foot in. I have gone through more vet wrap than I ever thought possible. They are starting to greet us with a roll in their hand at the local Tisol.

The Infect-o-foot has not stopped Tweed from having a good time.

Who wouldn't have a good time sandwiched between these two hawt bitches?

What a hard decision for a dude!

This one is the yin to his yang (and her own)

But this one has a tough, bulldog-like exterior and a heart of tennis balls I MEAN GOLD!

Together they are Unstoppable Cuteness.

As you can see, Piper is getting along with Miss Maeven The Raven just fine. Maeve is VERY VERY ANNOYING:

but Piper is maintaining and even enjoys a good game of bitey-face with her every morning.

Interestingly, it is the baby of the family that is put out.

Please send her back to where she came from.

I've been getting the cold shoulder. If we all sit around on the sofa of an evening to watch tv, Wootie is napping in my bed, in the other room. When I go to bed, he slides off with a pitiful expression and crawls underneath it. You KNOW he's pouting, because he doesn't like to sleep under the bed where the Grumpy Tweedigator lives at night.

Now he's trying to win back my love by being A Good Dog. This afternoon, he posed for a photo op all by himself. I was standing there admiring the view and I heard this little whimper ... I turned around and he was doing this:

Sassy little thing.

Look how cute *I* am, Food Lady!

Which of course inspired me to try something. Something that was FAIL.

No matter how hard you wish for it, Food Lady, I am not Phoenix.

Yeahno. It's too scary.

(But if you need me to, if we are ever lost, I can dig us to safety.)

Wootie thinks winning me back is probably a lost cause. He's decided to go Team Guy.

Too bad his teammate is only thinking about one thing.

I hope we are leaving soon, so I can eat the bootie in the car. Mmmmm .... bootie ....

No matter what happens with Maeve, I already know I have the best, most devoted dogs in the whole world.


Benny and Lily said...

You guys are awfully cute. And your ouchie bootie makes you appear a bit tough. I think I might get one just to get some MORE attention.BOL
Benny & Lily

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Yes, they are awesome dogs your lots!! And I so absolutely love the pic of Ms Princess with Maeve. So pretties!!! ;)

Roundup said...

Don't be sad Woo Woo you can come and live with me. I will make up for bringing that little thing into your life with lot's of cuddles.

MalaysianFan said...

This entry has too many great photos! The first one of Tweed, looking irked with being re-booted, the Piper-Maeve combo, Woo sitting up to remind you who, precisely, is cute...

But where are the outraged comments from readers who object to your cutting Tweed's legs off?! Maybe they stormed off in disgust after the dog-drowning posts... :-)

Spruce Hill said...

You dogs are so beautiful! Love your pictures too!

Philip said...

Are you sure it's Tweed whose legs you cut off? I have a feeling you are simply masking the fact that Piper is missing one... *points to the "bulldog-like exterior" picture*

sararenee said...

I don't know how I got here, but I love it!


Anonymous said...

We've ventured into bootie territory and finally discovered that if our pup wore booties on all 4 feet, he didn't fixate on the one injured foot and the bootie stayed on. Paradoxical, but it worked. His had reflector bands and he looked like a storm trooper. Thanks for your blog. It cracks us up on a regular basis. =)

Shasta said...

Loved this post! Can't help but giggle though, that if Mr. Pouty-Face ever has an infected toe (doG forbid), you could get some good pics of him wearing a Wootie Bootie.

crystalsalem said...

Maeve take my breath away! She has got to be one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever laid eyes on! She has the face of an angel!

Laura L said...

Sheena, I wish you would go back to posting on the BC Boards-or put more posts here. You take beautiful pictures and have such funny captions!