Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did Someone Call Tweed A Studmuffin?


I'm trying to figure out what's stud-muffinly about him. Is it the "I-think-I-need-to-sneeze" expression on his face? Perhaps it is the wiener-like proportions of his funny little Aussie body? Or the dreads he's sporting in his bum feathers (filthy hippy!)?

Could it be that he is too-sexy-for-this-blog, too-sexy-for-this-blog?

I think we need a close-up of this, a la B13:

As Melanie has pointed out, Tweed has creepy human lips. And now I notice he has creepy human teeth too.


Carol totally wants to kiss Tweed. SMOOCHEROONIE YOO-HOO!!


Maybe it's just the poise, grace and charming suaveness he carries with him everywhere?
(you need to click on this and make it LARGE to get the full effect of his tongue. Trust me on this.)

I asked Piper if she thought Tweed was sexy and she said:

"I got chills, they're multiplyin' ... and I'm losin' control .... PYSCH! Throw the ball, beeatch, before I Mad Teeth (tm) you right in the knee cap."

Grrr. Mad Teeth (tm)

Today's guest photo is of a Springer Spaniel who NEVERSTOPPEDRUNNING from one side of the beach to the other. I don't get it when people say "Oh border collies have so much energy" and then I see some sort of hunting breed go flying past us about 40 trillion times. Give me a laid back BC any day, thanks!

"I'm goin! I'm goin'! I'm goin'! I'm goin! I'm goin'! I'm goin'!"

"I'm goin! I'm goin'! I'm goin'! Get out of my way, border collie! I'm goin! I'm goin'!"

"Here I go! I'm totally going! OMG, this is so much fun!"

Woo was all "Le sigh. Le insane dog. Meh."

And what would a beach blog entry be without a Big Air photo of Wootie?


So it looks like I'll be heading down to Seattle sometime in the next few weeks to shoot some more dogs. If you are in the Seattle area and are interested in booking a shoot, let me know - I'm only heading down for the day so will have a limited amount of time, but don't mind squeezing another session or two in. Feel free to send me an email if you're interested!


Lincoln PD 10 said...

The only really good thing about coming to work these days is reading your blog and laughing my butt off!

Oh, I love Tweeds grass stained chin. Retro goatee.

Anonymous said...

Tweed, it's time to go get that photo of the Food Lady popping a zit while she's got dental floss hanging out of her mouth. You know the one. Send it to me and I'll post it for all to see. While you're at it, why not send the one of her bending over to pick up dog poop while wearing the way-too-tight jeans. Not that you're vindictive or anything.

Anonymous said...

there is something wrong with Woo...no dog has that kind of vertical leap. you should send him down to have me get him checked...I promise to send him back. ;-)

Tatyana said...

I think its the fact that he can lick his eyeball and simultaneously roll in the grass... how can you NOT think he's a stud muffin? ;)

I'm Gabby said...

shhh the hunting dog hyperness is a secret!!! We are also velcro and drive mom's BC friends crazy cuz we are like glue always in the way.

Gabalicious the Vizsla who NEVERSTOPSRUNNING

Anonymous said...

"...before I Mad Teeth (tm) you right in the knee cap."

First use of "Mad Teeth" as a verb. Duly noted.

Laura said...

Why don't you ever come to Colorado to shoot?

Tweed's a studmuffin because he doesn't ever have to try. He simply exudes studliness just by being Tweed. Plus he puts up with all your stuff-on-my-dogs shenanigans with suave aplomb. Oh, he's got it. Yep.

b13 said...

I can't get over how great your shots are. What speed and iso do you shoot at?

Anonymous said...

Tweed you ARE a stud muffin rascally rogue ... don't ever grow up, it's over-rated.

Tweed, I'm with Carol. Go steal those pics wud ya, you owe it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sure, pick on poor Tweed. You're turning into a paparazzi, capturing and always willing to share the most embarassing moments of a star's life :) We're not all glorious all the time. But Tweed is majestic more often than none. Ohhh, Carol, that sounds like a picture worth digging out - hehehe

Maybe it's crazy speeding B&W spaniels that to the untrained eye look like BCs that give our breed this reputation of crazies.... ever thought of that? (the first pics you posted of him made me search really hard for the springer spaniel in it)

Anonymous said...

Good grief -- does Piper still have two ears?!? Woo's got one of them halfway down his throat and the better part of her cranium between his jaws. No wonder her teeth go mad from time to time...

Anonymous said...

OK - feeling really stupid - IS TWEED AN AUSSIE?????? If he truly is (I always thought he was a BC - tail) no wonder I LUV HIM!! (I'd still love him if he is a BC but I have a special spot for Aussies.)

The Border Collies said...

ZOMG! You guys and your comments are funnier than the blog is!!


Riva - I am never falling for that!

b13 - it depends where I'm shooting and with what lens. My zoom lens badly needs recalibrating as its back-focusing at the moment, but every shoot is an adventure in aperture, iso and shutter speed!

Malaysianfan - at long last, someone recognized Piper's garmonbozia! She thanks you for your understanding.

insanedogowner - Tweed is the worst of both worlds~ He's half Aussie, half border collie, 100% evil. I like to blame his negative personality traits on his Aussie daddy.

laura - I would love to come to Colorado! My BFF lives there when she isn't messing around in Nicaragua. Alas, it's very far away.

Everyone - keep it coming! Your comments are too, too funny ;-)

Anonymous said...

HA! In the Aussie world we *always* blame the father!!!

Come to So. Cal!!!!!!!!!!!