Sunday, January 03, 2010

How to hypnotize a Jack Russell Terrier


Too bad it doesn't work to stop the barking.

We paid a visit to Hayward Lake today.

It's got some groovy scenery.

But the beach was too small, and in terrible light, to get any really good photos.

So sometimes, you have to rely on comic relief.

Ruger was no help in this department, as he is Very Serious About Fetching Sticks. No room for fun, k?

Well, maybe a *little* room

I had ONE shot at a group photo, before Dexter and Cal took off. Notice how Cheryl's dogs are looking at her, and all of mine are ignoring me (except Dexter, who is trying to silently convince me to give his release command)
r0001 copy

I know why Piper is ignoring me ... I am making her wear a t-shirt. Last night I found a gross, disgusting, inflamed and painful looking hot spot on her chest. After cleaning it up, I put one of my old t-shirts on her to protect it and keep her from scratching. She hates me now.

At least Cal still loves me. And by me, I mean the cookies in my pocket.



Tristan and Braun said...

The Woo shot cracked me up!!!

Unknown said...

Ru and Woo-that must get confusing!

Sarah said...

what a sweet little terrier ... i wish i knew how to hypnotize mine ...10.5 year later :)

how old is the little guy?

Michelle said...

What an adorable gang! I love the group shot - at least yours all stay in the right general dog manages to flop down, flip over, face the wrong name it. I have to rely on the luck of candids with him!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes the Woo shot is great.

You have lovely dogs :-)


Debra Kay said...

Oh woo, he made my day!

The Border Collies said...

Woo never gets called "Woo" - mostly Wootie, or Noodles. So not too confusing.

Caliber is 10 years old. He is NOT sweet! There is nothing sweet about him! He is actually 100% evil.

Unknown said...

I agree that the beach at Hayward sucks. However, when you have giant dog that can barely swim (McGee) it's perfect!

Awesome photos, as always!

Sarah said...

by sweet, i actually meant evil :P, sorry i have a JRT too ... i didn't mean to confuse the two, i tend to do that :)


Melanie said...

overcast = great light for black and white

The Border Collies said...

No, I mean it was sunny, but the sun was shining straight at the beach, which was very small and horizontal, no curves, no outcrops etc., so there was no direction to face that there was not sun right in the lens.

Sweet~Ceana said...

Ha! So, our rescue just picked up 7 (8 week old) bc X cattle dog crosses from Craig's list. When I arrived to pick up my new foster guess what his name was... Schroeder. They named them after peanuts. All I could think of was Dexter's litter and your blog. lol