Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another WIN for TDBCR dogs!

Former TDBCR dog Zephyr takes the Silver medal in the Weave Pole Competition at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Whistler, BC!!


This is from today's Province Newspaper. Congratulations Dana and Zephyr!!

Rescue dogs can do ANYTHING!!!

More Photos:

On the Podium!

Zephyr in action during the disc dog competition


Benny and Lily said...

Wow awesome...congratulations!
Benny & Lily

Alex93andme said...

Congratulations to Dana and Zephyr!!!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes congratulations to them both :-)


MIA said...

Big Congrats!!!!

Emma Rose said...

Yes - rescue dogs CAN do anything!

freezemarked said...

Awesome! That looks like my pound pup doing the skijoring... I'd love to train him to do that, if we lived anywhere near snow. Also, if he wouldn't drag me into the woods after every cat he thinks he sees. ;D

Michelle said...

That's heartwarming! It's so nice to see rescue dogs go on to have happy, productive lives. Thanks for posting!

Larissa said...

snow and frisbee? That would be Athena heaven! i better now show her those pics or she will be trying to move me to snow country LOL.

Congrats to Dana and Zephyr!