Friday, October 23, 2009

Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations! Your rescue dog has just been reproductively sterilized and will no longer be capable of adding to the world's population of unwanted pets.

Your rescue dog has just had fairly major abdominal surgery, so please follow these instructions to make the healing process as successful as possible.
Keep your dog quiet for as long as you can. No running,

and absolutely no jumping.

Try to keep her from excessive playing with other dogs.
It is very important that the incision stay clean and dry.

So try to stay on sidewalks and other areas that are free of debris.

Meh. So I'm not going to win the Foster Mum Of The Year award.

But it is Maeve's last day with us, and I wanted her to enjoy it!

Yay! Thanks for letting me out of the house finally!

I'm also not going to win the plain old Dog Mum of the year aware either. Not judging by these faces.

Oh yay, she
's making me sit like a bunny. Again. Whoopee.

. As in, 'grow one' Food Lady.

If I knew how to sit like a bunny, I would totally do it for you, Food Lady.

Kiss ass!

I will sit like a bunny! And then later, maybe I will pee on your bedspread, or eat something important to you.

*sigh* Is she gone yet?

(Excuse me. I cannot sit like a bunny, but I CAN look very sad and implore you to spare a cookie.)

That' s right folks. Tomorrow Maeve is going toward the light - err, I mean, she is going to her new forever home.

We'll all miss her around here. And by 'all' I mean me. I'm pretty sure no one else in this house will care. They will probably all be relieved that her constant energy has left the building.

Little do they know what
's waiting for them just around the corner (Tuesday! He comes home on Tuesday!)

I am moving in a week, so won't have time to post much on 3WAAW for a bit. I will however try to keep 365Puppy updated as often as I can, so check in often!

But you know what the best thing about walking with my doggies on a rainy day is?

Pointing the camera down and capturing this:
Awwwww :)

See you soon, readers!


oregonsunshine said...

My Shayla did the same thing after her spay surgery. We didn't even have to leave home!

riosmom said...

I got an error when I clicked on 365puppy - did I jump the gun?

Great pictures and storyboard as always. Will you get to see and photograph Maeve in her new home? Or be too busy photographing the new puppy? Have you decided on a name yet? Good luck with the move - hope your amazing mother is helping you again. I remember the incredible job she did when you moved into the condo. Can't wait for pictures of your little house on the prairie.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a hoot, I have been really enjoying your writing and gorgeous pictures of your dogs. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing Spike (?) grow up before our eyes!

Amy in BC

MalaysianFan said...

Well, I am going to miss Maeve, big time. She is such a joy to look at! I so don't understand why you don't let your blog-readers pick your dogs for you. Hmph.

P.S. Good luck with the move, and enjoy David Sedaris! He's even funnier than Woo. Sometimes.

sclmarm said...

We tried to keep Boss aka Pip quiet after her spay, but it's hard to keep an airplane on a string down on the ground!

Blessings on your move! May it go smoothly.

Mary said...

Bye Maeve, It was nice to meet you - hope you have an excellent new home & a long happy life!

erin said...

Just as a note - your 365puppy blog does not have an option to comment using just name/url. Is it possible to add that as an option?

Anonymous said...

you said Maeve is going to her new"foster home". Does that mean she is not going to live on Bowen Island with the hiking/walking family?

julie said...

Hugs to Maeve (and to you for missing her), and good luck with the moving!

Btw, to me Spike is a real, well, Spike. ;)

Life With Dogs said...

Good thing we aren't in it for awards. ;)

Either way you'd still win one - your pics are superb...

Ktbug Ladydid said...

It's been over a week without any new Wootie, angry teef, or happy Tweirds!!! NEED UPDATE! (and 365 puppy too, please). :D

air said...

Your photos are amazing. We just got our first puppy, and I am still trying to get used to the loss of sleep/worrying (she sleeps fine, it's me who is tossing and worrying)