Thursday, October 22, 2009

FAME! (she's gonna learn how to fly)

TDBCR rescue dog Joey moved to Australia with her adopted mum a couple of years ago. Big changes for a shy little rescue that was pulled out of a kill shelter in Washington State! But it was a good thing, because it was proof positive that it is in fact possible to move house, across the country and even across the WORLD with your dog. Millions of dogs in shelters didn't believe that, because their owners said "Oh we're moving, guess we can't keep you anymore."

Kelly Ramirez decided to put that myth out to pasture when she moved to Australia with Joey, and then to really drive the point home, she turned around and made Joey FAMOUS!

From the Hornby and Upper North Shore Advocate:

How much is that doggy in mid-air?

MEET Hornsby’s newest national champion - Joey the jumping dog. And she could be about to take the world by storm.

The high-flying pooch has been raising eyebrows and dropping jaws since her owner, Kelly Ramirez, of Hornsby, entered her into a competition called ``dock diving’’ just for a few laughs. Picture gallery of Joey in action, HERE

Dock diving is a popular event in the US and is spreading its tentacles to other countries, including Australia.

It involves dogs running along a flat platform, then launching themselves off a ramp and into a long pool of water.

It is like long jump for dogs and, incredibly, the best dogs in the world leap about 7m (although the sport is judged in feet, because of its US creators). Dock-diving picture gallery from around the world, HERE

Joey already sails that far - and she has only contested one event.

``Her results were totally unexpected,’’ a stunned Ms Ramirez told the Advocate.

``People said to me, `oh, you must have done this before’, but I was just as surprised as them.

``There were US judges there who sat up when she jumped.’’

Adding to the story is the fact Joey, a kelpie-cross-cattle, was rescued from a US animal shelter. Ms Ramirez picked her up two years ago, when ``she was a complete mess’’.

``It is nice to think that Joey could go from death row to being a world champion,’’ she said.

Joey’s sole competitive performance was at a small event at Homebush Bay in July. Her 19-foot leap gave her the Australian title. She has since jumped 20 feet.

If Joey continues her form into the World Dog Games at Homebush Bay later this month, Hornsby could have itself the world’s longest-leaping dog.

Dock diving will be a demonstration sport at the Games, in the hope it takes off here. For a video preview of the World Dog Games click HERE

Ms Ramirez said the sport was tailor made for Australians.

``This is a sport with a huge following in the US, with prizemoney, professional training and plenty of attention,’’ Ms Ramirez said.

``I think its perfect for Australian conditions there is potential for it to really take off.’’

Joey’s fitness level was ``frightening’’, Ms Ramirez said.

``She’s all muscle. She gets trained every day because, when you have a dog like this a dog that’s built to work you have to exercise them a lot. It’s the key to a happy dog,’’ she said.

The Games start on October 31.

* More dock-diving videos can be found by clicking (or cut-pasting) the following links - these videos are not Advocate creations:

Congratulations Kelly and Joey!


Carol said...

Um, is Wootie jealous of Joey's *huge* air?

amyinbc said...

You must be very proud :) Such a great rescue story! Loved the clip.

Benny and Lily said...

Michael Jordan look got some air!
Benny & Lily

Zoom said...

Awesome story but I'm wondering how she managed to bring Joey into Australia without subjecting her to that 6-month quarantine that scares everyone else off? I know a lot of people who received transfer orders for overseas and the thought of leaving their family member in a government-run kennel for 6 months wasn't one they could stomach.

The Border Collies said...

Quarantine can actually be as short as 30 days if you do your paperwork properly, and well in advance, and if your dog meets the rabies vaccination requirements for minimum quarantine time.

Anonymous said...

Food lady... I think you have stumbled on a great part time job for you... get out there and advertise a checklist, schedule, forms etc on how to "do" that paperwork properly.

$29.95 for the kit, or $400? plus all expenses if you have to do the work for them. Or $40/hour for consulting on the process.

Kelly in Oz said...

Sheena is right, if you get organized well in advance (I started prepping more than a year before moving Joey to Aus), then your pet only has to stay in quarantine for 30 days. The people at Eastern Creek Quarantine Station in Sydney took excellent care of Joey and she has had no behavioural set-backs or relapses whatsoever because of her quarantine experience.

That being said, it was an extremely expensive and tedious procedure, but as far as I am concerned it was worth every penny. When I decided to adopt Joey from TDBCR I knew I would be relocating to Australia at some point in the future, but there was NO FREAKIN' WAY I would EVER leave her behind.

Owning a dog is FOR LIFE, not just for when it's convenient. Unfortunately, too many people see their dog's companionship as a burden- not a privilege- when life gets complicated.

The Border Collies said...

When I decided to adopt Joey from TDBCR I knew I would be relocating to Australia at some point in the future, but there was NO FREAKIN' WAY I would EVER leave her behind.

And this, among many other amazing reasons, is what makes you a FABULOUS adopter! You're a star Kelly!! :)

Zoom said...

That's great news! I've entertained thoughts of doing a long stay overseas before, but since there is no way on God's green earth I'm leaving my Aussie behind, I figured I'm SOL.

Anonymous said...

perhaps this is Woo's first lesson in the fact that GIRLS RULE!!!!
Would Woo like to become a competitive dock diver? He is so good at it on his own.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoom,
If you Google "quarantine requirements for dogs going overseas" it will give you a list of requirements for most European countries as well as Austr., N.Z. and many of the islands in the carribean. It will also tell you whom to contact to determine the requirements and to get the paperwork. Many places only req. current rabies. The UK is the worst with a 6 month req. Happy Trails.

KP said...
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