Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Home, Home on the Range

We're back! Did you miss us? We are finally all moved in.

That's not the same as being settled in or even the same as being unpacked. But why waste time unpacking when we can be exploring our new neighborhood?

We are located at the end of a dead-end road and surrounded by dykes and farmland that is open to roaming. Makes for a lovely photo backdrop, especially right now in the Fall.

It's got some wildlife, which is simply tantalizing for Wootie.

I'll bet he really wishes he could fly!

There was dense fog this morning, trying to obliterate that pesky sunshine

But it made it easier to sneak up on Mr. In Yo Face

The sun ultimately won the Fog War

And then it was beautiful!

A lovely morning for trying something new. Like a threesome:

And some light bondage.

Piper really enjoys being a dominatrix.

Dexter prefers to watch.

Though Piper is willing to share the secrets of her bossy success!

First thing she needs to teach him: How Not To Tumble Down A Hill

Dexter is settling in well! He can "sit," he can "lay down," he can wait for his dinner bowl to put on the floor, and his recall is coming along nicely!

Coming! I'm coming! Have cookies at the ready!

He is such a charming little bloke. On the weekend I brought him with me to the agility trial and passed him around from person to person. He's completely unfazed by noise and new experiences. Amusingly, everyone said "he's the one I would have picked, if I could have adopted one." It's amusing because I ended up with him precisely because nobody else *did* pick him.

Still, I think it worked out pretty well for both of us.

The dogs are diggin' their new home. Yesterday we played ball in our own yard whilst waiting for the Internetz Man to come hook us up. We found someone snooping around our storage shed and Mr. Woo ran him off the property with some self important Woofing, so he feels very important. House training is going well, now that outside is not 4 floors away :)

I'm a little less enamored with the new house. The set-up is frustrating, as the mudroom/entrance way is just off the bedroom, which we must pass through to get to the main room. This means my bedroom, despite the liberal use of towels, is a constant mess of dirty paw prints. This is the first time I've ever lived on laminate, and it doesn't clean up as nicely as hardwood. And of course, the house has exactly zero closets, and the World's Smallest Amount Of Counter Space. Building a kitchen island is first on the agenda, right after I put in a fence.

On the plus side, it's so wonderfully quiet out here! Instead of sirens and truck brakes, I hear frogs and the gentle "wheeeeeep" or hawks flying overhead. No more earplugs at night!

I think we'll settle in just fine :)

In other news, blogger tells me I've used up almost all of my allotted space for photos. I supposed this means archiving some of my very oldest posts and removing them from the blog. Anyone know how to do that?


Barbara said...

So, what do the kitties think of the new place?


Amy said...

What a great spot you've got! The walking space and the yard are most important, you can improve on the house. Love all the photos. Dexter is charming.

jen said...

You're going to give me apoplexy with the Dexter Cuteness. If you need me, I'll be over in the corner chanting "We do NOT need a puppy, we do NOT need a puppy..."
Would a rug runner fit in your bedroom from door to door?

Dawn said...

LOVE the photo of Dexter falling down the hill! He's an amazing little guy and will love being with you and your gang! Love the new outside too, you're all going to enjoy that!

Michelle said...

I am SO glad to hear Dexter is working out so well! In that one photo he looks like he's wearing stilts; talk about LEGGY!

kelly said...

Regarding the blog space issue, perhaps you could use another site like Flickr to host your photos (so we don't have to lose any of the precious early posts, she says selfishly).

It's not difficult -- I use Blogger and it's what I do. You can upload 100MB for free each month. If you need help, just let me know. I'm no expert, but I'm willing to help if I can.

Thanks for sharing your photos. The puppy! He kills me!

Anonymous said...

Dexter? as in the seriel killer on cable? You didn't. Really? Hmmmm...they do have similar eyes...

Emma Rose said...

Welcome to the country - where the houses a normal person can afford are not nearly as wonderful as the land they are built on. The quiet and room to roam are so worth it. Not to mention the views and wildlife. Enjoy!

Also, I am loving watching the fast changing Dexter. We are going through the same puppy stages at our place. It's a lot of work but I wouldn't trade one second of it!

Oh, and you might try Picasa to store your images.

manymuddypaws said...

love the name choice- and can't wait to see even more beautiful pics of the new 'hood!!!

Mary said...

Yay! New houses are fun. I'm moving myself from the Big City to the 'burbs (not quite ready for the sticks yet) and I am so so so excited to have a yard.

angie said...

what a gorgeous place!!! and i'm loving dexter. his eyes are always so wide and beady.

riosmom said...

What? Woo can't fly? Were all those pictures faked?

Welcome back - you were missed. Your new place is wonderful. Think of the lack of closets as a way to get rid of stuff. And learn to love muddy paw prints - that's what spring cleaning is for.

Dexter is a delight - it is going to be a fun year watching him grow. Not as much fun as you will have but fun.

Alex93andme said...

Congratulations on your new place..it looks beautiful. I love your pictures!!

Crazy Dog Blog said...

Why don't you just host them on Flickr and link them in from there? It's what I do, and I know you already have a Flickr account!

Benny and Lily said...

Wow awesome place. Lots a room to run and roam
Benny & Lily

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Hey, congratz on the "moving in"
Will congratz again once you guys have "settled in" ;)

Great pics as always! Good to see Dexter's getting along with everyone else and love the recall shot. Some awesome work you've done with Mr Personality I must say! :)

Can't help thinking he's just the kind of boy who grows on you. I'll admit that if I had a pick at the litter, I'll likely NOT pick him.. Hmm.. don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with the way he stares and that spells PERSONaLITY in a huge way (in my limited experience with my "personality dog")

But I gotta admit. This little bloke grows on you. He really does. Oh well, of course it helps that you make him very photogenic! :)

amyinbc said...

I have to admit that yes, I did miss you 5! So recently found your blog and so enjoy.

Looks like you have found yourself a wee bit of paradise out there, envious. Raised on a hobby farm and miss the quiet and wide open spaces.

Dexter is so sweet, love the running pic :)

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Oh my gosh, those little faces are adorable! How in the world can you get anything done with all of that cuteness around your place☺

Arwen said...

Yes I did miss your updates! I was eager to find out what the dogs thought of their new space, and how Dexter was settling in. What do the other dogs think of him?

I loooove that INCOMIIIIIIING!!! photo of Dex, with that eager look in his eyes. Too cute.

I have a friend whose dog knows a 'wipe your feet' command on the doormat before he comes in. It doesn't completely solve the pawprint problem, but it does seem to help a lot.

Smaki said...

Your new place looks wonderful! invest in a steam mop for that laminate, or just learn to overlook the paw prints. With your livley crew you'll drive yourself nuts trying to keep the mud off the floor!

Little Dex is a sassy looking little guy, but my heart belongs to Wooooo.

Amy Siegel said...

Move all your photos to Picassa (also a google produce) and use links, rather than uploading them to blogger. They you will never run out of space.

StefRobrts said...

It looks like such a beautiful place! I'm so jealous!

For the web pictures, I see you are using large format pictures on your blog. You might want to reduce them to a smaller size before posting them to the blog, then they will take up a lot less space, yet look the same size on the blog, people just won't be able to click on them for the full screen size shots.

The Border Collies said...

Thanks all for your wonderful welcome-home messages :)

To clarify re: the blog - I know I can host them externally, which is something I will probably do in the future, but I am looking to archive some of the oldest posts, maybe from two or three years ago to get them off the blogger server, because I am almost at my limit of total space, and even hosting the photos externally I will still run out of posting space!

So I just want to remove some of the older posts, maybe store them on my machine, without losing them. If you know how I can do that, please advise!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new house and the new pupper!


oslosmum said...

Welcome home!

Love Dexter's eagle-eyes, envy the property (and wildlife)! You've done well for yourself.

I have taught my 3 an auto-wait as we have a ridiculous wee entrance opening to wee kitchen. Kitchen has cheap black runner/mat and all dogs get feet wiped there (they get a hosing before coming in during the Big Mud).

I would WAY rather have any type of non-carpet than carpet. Carpet. Bleh.

Joe said...

What's goin' on over here:

CW said...

For archiving... do you want to save the pages "as is" ?

In Safari - I can open say the set of April 2006 posts, and select File, Save As, and save the entire page (set of blog entries) as a Web Archive or Page Source... is that what you're looking for?

Joe said...

It doesn't look like I can edit my comment otherwise I would add a little detail to my link Archive Blogger Posts to indicate I was showing you where to go to learn how to back up your old posts.

nickelsmum said...

"Completely unfazed by new noises and experiences" is one of the two best things you can find in a puppy, the other being a sincere interest in and liking for yourself.

I get lots of those water-guzzling indoor mats in front of doors during the rainy season. They stay put and clean a lot of STUFF off paws.

riosmom said...

I have been meaning to say I like your new header or whatever it is called. It must have been hard to replace Red Dog's picture but I am sure he would give his blessings on the change The black and white is very effective and Woo in mid air is perfect.

Zoom said...

Congrats on the move and the lovely scenery! The house will grow to what you need it to be, just like Dexter is doing!

I am jealousy! I hate living in the city.

Alaska said...

And then it was beautiful.

You really shouldn't refer to Piper as "it", you know.

OF COURSE we missed you.

BTW, 365puppy is now my #1 site to check each day, but it's hard to come up with a comment there that's worthy of the splendor of the Dexter and your images thereof.

Anonymous said...

To help with wet dogness all of our dogs wear either a waterproof sheet/insulated waterproof blankets that are just like horse blankets. It saves a ton of time with the towel when most of the dog is dry. You can get some here for pretty cheap and they wear like iron. http://www.sstack.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=8668&itemType=PRODUCT&RS=1&keyword=18234 All you have to wipe is feet and tummies. I'll try and get some pictures of our dogs in them, including Boss in her own wee blanket:)