Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My, what big PEEPS you have

Err, I mean, what big FEET you have.

I mean ... oh forget it. This is sick. Who does stuff like this?

And even worse, who RUINS stuff like this?

Oh yeah of course. Wootie. Don't deny it Wootie. You don't have a leg to stand on. har har.


That's right folks. The GODDAMN NEVERENDING MR. PICKLES PEEPS are still lurking around my house. STILL. Mr. Pickles told me that if you keep them in a dark cupboard, they multiply. I now believe this is true.

But the dogs are eager to do damage control.


All that's left for poor Donut is the feetsies.

Your Food Lady must have done something terrible in a past life, because she is, once again, unemployed. Le sigh. I haz bad luck with non profits.

On the upside, I haz loads of free time to wander around aimlessly from dog beach to dog beach. And I have decided to take Mr. Pickles and The Sofa with me everywhere I go. Today it was Spanish Banks.

Where The Sofa ...

...tried to overthrow The Flamboyance. Literally.

It all started with a Kong War.

They were evenly matched.

But poor Sofa stood no chance against the Power Of The Flamboyance!!

Look at it go! It's like a superhero, and it expands in mass and volume when required to perform! I swear the sky darkened for a few moments there.

The Sofa lost interest in the Kong Wars, and moved onto some Bitey Face Smackdown with a Golden Retriever.

And then, because he has the attention span of a toddler on acid, he just, you know, wandered away. When the plaintive calls of Master Pickles failed to make him return, Pickles took action.

And Mr. Woo followed along, because he likes to watch.
^^ Mr. Tricky "I like to watch" Woo.

And now Mr. Pickles has a new nickname.

I dub thee: Sir Scowlypants!

Once dragged back to the beach, the Sofa was properly cowed by his scolding.

Or, maybe not.


Hey! Have we met? Let's WRASSLE!!

*sigh* Stupid puppy.

Oh but wait, puppies are THE BEST!! I WANT ONE! Maybe this one:

(*Food Lady goes all melty*).

Someone said "not enough Piper plz" recently. Piper had dental surgery today so she ain't feeling her best, but here she is.

She also lost the Wootie Toy Battle :(

Now remember, Wootie likes to watch ...

... but he also likes to DO. Specifically, he likes to "do" pug-chis.



MalaysianFan said...

Yikes! And is Mr. Pickles likewise unemployed now? Perhaps you'd better start conserving those Peeps. You know, emergency rations?

Katharine Swan said...

How did Mr. Pickles get his first nickname? I guess I haven't been reading long enough, because I've been wondering that!

I'd say sorry about the unemployment, but it looks like you are having too much fun to deserve sympathy. :o)

StellaStar said...

Mmmmm. Peeps. Mr. Pickles has a sweet tattoo.

Wishing you the best of luck with the job search! The non-profit I work for is sweating bullets in this economy. (*fingers crossed)

At least you now have more quality Woo time. Where is Tweed?

Anonymous said...

Forget more Piper, I want more topless Mr. Pickles!

Sorry about the unemployment. You'll just have to start eating those chicken feet! And the peeps.

ACB said...

my goodness, what a big TATTOO Mr Pickles haz! Keeping fingers crossed y'all find paychecks soon!

The Border Collies said...

"How did Mr. Pickles get his first nickname? I guess I haven't been reading long enough, because I've been wondering that!"

Actually, I have never explained it. It's not very interesting - I forgot his name and called him "What's your pickle" once and he said "That's MR. What's your pickle, TYVM" and so his nickname was born :)

"Forget more Piper, I want more topless Mr. Pickles!"

Well then come walking with us! He's like a toddler who can't keep his clothes on, and I haven't seen him wearing a shirt in I don't know how long!!

"You'll just have to start eating those chicken feet! "


Anonymous said...

Why would you want to work? You should do some kind of book, your stuff is way better than lots of dog/photography stuff I have seen. Really.

BCxFour said...

Sheena, being unemployed ROCKS! I am having a blast! There is a silver lining in every cloud - that much more time to spend on promoting your photography!

beardies3 said...

I am sorry you lost your job but I am so looking forward to more blogs! I check daily for updates. You rock dogs!

Brown Girl said...

Dang, jobless, that stinks although does this mean you will be posting more because if so, forget working all together. kthxbi

Paula said...

OK, two things:

1) The chicken feet look like they have red painted toenails. I'm freaked. (Maybe they always look that way? I wouldn't know.)

2) The Sofa cracked me up...so repentant in the face of uh, Scowly Face.

BTW, good luck with the job search, even though I think your full time job should be entertaining us. You know us, your minions.

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks for the explanation, Food Lady. :o)

Anonymous said...

Chicken feet around MY dinner time = sudden loss of appetite. Thanks for the helping hand with my diet.

And thank you for the Piper pix - why did she have dental surgery today? I still saw some MadTeeth(tm) so she didn't get them all removed. Right? Right?

Since you are currently unemployed, I think you should brave the horrid border guards and come down here for the month of July. We have TONS of trials and you could make LOTS of money taking pictures of peoples dogs. Including mine. Especially mine!

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Love the Peeps with Chicken Feet! Ingeniously sick idea but make for a great photo! :D

Sorry to hear about the job front. But with that talent of yours, I'm sure you would nab one in no time. :)

Worse case scenario, you can always count on Wootie to hunt down some game and everybody says "BARF!"

bexy said...

hah, thanks for the new (first picture) background for my computer.

First Draught Farm said...

I'm with Bexy on the desktop background! Let out a howl when I first saw it. . . thanks ever so much!-kat

Finnegan Dowling said...

Leave poor Mr. Pickles alone. So he got a little peeved. At least he hasn't been caught screaming "If you motherf*ckers don't get back here right now I'm taking all of you back to the pound" at the dog park.....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pickles is HOTTTT.