Saturday, May 09, 2009

You Probably Already Know This ...

... but there's a dead crab on your head, Gus.

The Food Lady has been mighty busy these last few weeks, taking oh-so-many photos! I love doing this job, because I get to play with dogs and play with cameras. Doesn't get much better than this. Here's some of what we have been up to!

We went out to Mud Bay in Tsawwassen for a photo shoot with two of my favourite old people, Charissa and Gus. BTW, Charissa and Gus are dogs - their humans, Karen and Rob, are not old at all, just really great ones :) Charissa and Gus were both adopted from TDBCR.

They are a funny old couple of geezers.

Except Charissa has some serious rage issues.


Just kidding - oh not about the ball on a rope, she really hates that thing. It makes her super angry. But in general, Charissa is a super sweetheart. She is pretty much deaf, doesn't see too well, but she is a therapy dog and a snuggly gal who likes it when you tell her how lovely she is.

Gus is hilarious. He's like 10 going on 2, and he is still real keen on a game of fetch, any time, anywhere ... with anything. Even the stupid purple ball of rage. If Charissa would let him, that is.

'Scuse me ... do you have a spare big purple ball of rage I could borrow?

Mud Bay is lovely - it's this crazy huge expanse of beach that is dog friendly and totally underpopulated. And the name is really appropriate, because even after two hours in the truck AND a hose off in the underground parking, my dogs are still releasing quantities of sand-dirt like I have never seen before!

Plus, Mud Bay is one big lunch table for Wootie.

Mmmm ...

Crab legs.

I think Piper enjoyed herself. I never actually saw here while we there.

We also had a photo shoot with Bandit and Cassie, two more adopted TDBCR dogs. They are the speediest and leapiest dogs EVAR.





And ... a little suspicious of the weirdo with the box on her face who kept following them around everywhere.

But they are lovely together, such a beautiful pair of border collies!

And neither of them has totally ridiculous ears, unlike SOME dogs I know.


And of course we can't forget The Sofa (I've tried - he is a very pesty puppy. It's impossible to omit him)

And Mr. Petal Pants, AKA Turbo.

I am still processing photos of some other sessions I've had lately - my weekends are filling up so quickly that my day job is starting to feel like a few days off from my weekends ;-) But it's so much fun!

This week we head off to the Agility Association of Canada Regional Competition to see if Tweed and I can qualify for Nationals again. I think this will be our 4th or 5th Qualifier, assuming we actually qualify. That's never a given with Mr. Marches To The Beat Of His Own Drummer.

Yay! I maybe get to embarrass Food Lady and throw a few hundred of her hard earned dollars down the toilet. WOOHOO!

And since Tweed just turned 9 this week, I don't know how many more Regionals he has in him. We'd sure like to be on the podium this year. Maybe you can all send Blog Reader JuJu and (((((vibes))))) and stuff for us. Remember what happened when you FORGOT to send them last year??

I probably won't have time to post again before we leave, so mark your calendars and keep us in your thoughts.

But before I go, may I just leave you with this little dreamboat, who is available for adoption through TDBCR?

Meet Kali. Six months old, a totally blank slate of smart, athletic fun, and waiting to be YOUR next agility dog!!


Anda said...

Gus and Charrisa, what a great couple - perfect together - loving, nagging each other and still going home together at the end of the day. Loved the "10 going on 2" commentary.

Favorite shot? Pipper floating on the deserted moonscape. Leapin' Bandit came in on a close second :)

Glad to hear you're having so many gigs and are rewarded for your extraordinary photography!

Mary said...

It's a good thing that I live a continent away from you. Otherwise I would probably end up with adopting every damn dog you post on this blog.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

Mind blowing shots in this post, yo! Gotta agree with Anda here and say that Piper wins with her moonscape traversal. I bet Buzz would love mud bay, too!

Paula said...

(((vibes))), good luck and JuJu headed your way for Regionals!

angie said...

why does the leapiness photo remind me of one of those big monster mouths, like...

AKColleen said...

*good vibes, good vibes, good vibes* both for you and that puppy to be adopted to a good home!

riosmom said...

Sending Juju and (((((vibes))))) for you and Tweed at the regionals - may he have two (2008) Sundays this year.

Great photo shoots, lovely dogs, especially the puppy in the last photo.

Anonymous said...

Thinking totally positive thoughts for you and Tweed next weekend. Also - a good friend of mine is flying up with his dog Reveille (his name is Terry Simons) to compete and I am wracking my brain thinking of some horrible thing you should do to him but I am drawing a blank. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Can haz puppeh? He's gorgeous!

Good luck for regionals! Hope everything goes well!

The Border Collies said...

Thinking totally positive thoughts for you and Tweed next weekend. Also - a good friend of mine is flying up with his dog Reveille (his name is Terry Simons)I know Terry! When we were in the 22" division, he and Reveille ("Good Girly!!!") used to kick our asses every year at Regionals. *shakes fist at Terry*. This year we are in the more mellow 16" Specials division, so I am pleased to no longer be competing with him. He always wins!!

You could break one of his legs before he leaves. "Handicapping" I believe it's called ;-)

Cheryl said...

Best of luck to you and Tweed.

Wish I was going, but I just don't have a dog to run. So will send all the good vibes I can...

Kick A** Tweed, make your Food Lady proud.

jane said...

Good luck, Food Lady and Tweed! Tweed, be a good listener!

Woo, your ears are just as spectacular as your tail and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Anonymous said...


...out of JuJu at the moment

go get 'em!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Rev - I've been trying to steal her from him since she was an itty bitty little puppy (and he didn't like her much then.)

Hmmm..I won't hurt Rev - but ya know, Terry has a bad back and is a delicate little flower. Possibilities...

OH! Ask him to help you carry heavy stuff. He's so macho inside, he won't be able to resist. And then he'll be crippled. Sound good?

Oh and tell him "You should have taken Kane." Do this *after* he hurts his back. (snicker, snicker, snicker)

Anonymous said...

PS If he asks how you know about Kane, he knows me better by the name of "Kristi" - I don't think he knows my other name is "insanedogowner."

Once again - GOOD LUCK!!!


Carol said...

Juju, vibes, Tweed and FL!