Sunday, March 22, 2009

If Gandalf Humped A Mop*

The result would be Wootie's new boyfriend.

Work your magic on me baby

Oh you made me levitate! Good work, GandalfMop!

Now he has the courage to take on Mad Teeth(tm)!

Except ... they ARE rather frightening

It may be time to retreat

Even scarier than the Original Mad Teeth(tm) are the miniature version.

Mostly because they bite. They especially bite their large, fuzzier doppelganger.

Do not chase me.

I WILL rip your beard off, doppelganger!


You have to feel sort of sorry for wee Harriet, because *everyone* chases her. Everyone big, that is.

But no worries! Parker The Super Greyhound is rushing to her little sister's rescue!

I (and my FABULOUS ass) am coming, Harry!

The rescue was going well, until ... Parker met her nemisis (cue ominous music).

It was ... AVIS.

Oh sure, she looks cute and innocent right? But Avis, as her mum says, maintains a "B(itch) Plus Average." She kicked the hell out of poor Parker.

Parker tried to run her out of town

But only one emerged victorious

In fact, the only dogperson Avis did not try to take on was Jenn. Because Jenn is scary.

Just ask Tweed.

I am coming for you Tweed. You will not know when, you will not know how ... but I WILL annihilate you

Run away! Run away!

The Matriarch, Luna, observed the others with weary disdain.

Oh foolish youth.

It's such hard work, being so awesome and wise. Also, it was pretty windy.

Mr. Woo soon grew tired (don't ask me how, it's not as though he actually did anything resembling exercise today) and was dreaming ...

... about how he could get his own fluffy Aussie cloud flotation device

Pretty soon Parker was down for the count too. She took a break ... as did Robyn. Weird.

The border collies, however, took no prisoners.

Well, except Jackie and her Chuck-It.


Until it was time to go...East. Parker said we should go East.

The best part about today's outing ... 3 totally zonked out, sandy, too-tired-to-move dogs! ZOMG! They only woke up long enough to eat dinner, and they are all asleep again.

*today's title brought to you by Robyn, Jenn and Luna's mum!


Unknown said...

after many fruitless attempts, you finally caught Parker in motion...sheer luck though as we all know it'd have nothing to do with your skills as a photographer=-)

I am... said...

Well done, Food Lady! Luna the matriarch looks as bored with the masses as ever - perfect capture. And I am going to steal Parker one day, Jackie. Just you wait.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures as always - a great way to start the day!

MerleGirl said...

I WANT THAT AUSSIE FLOATATION DEVICE!! I also want a beach where my dogs can run and splash. Aww hell, who am I kidding? I'd settle for a day when the pee doesn't freeze before it hits the ground!!!

Larissa said...

I love your stories that go along with your pictures. Priceless :)

StellaStar said...

Great title for a great entry! I'm jealous of your beaches.

PoochesForPeace said...

aussie cloud floatation device- by far my favorite pic this time!

Rossie said...

I love that last image, Parker starts out a tree and becomes a dog!

dp said...

I love that picture of Jenn crouching, plotting Tweed's demise.

Sweet~Ceana said...

Didn't anyone else notice Piper's sweet "BOING" in the second to last picture??????? Maybe I am just bias...

Anonymous said...

Me too, dp! You can see why they call it "the dark side."


Anda said...

Ohh, my, Jenn is quite scarry in her intensity and wetness - WOW

LMAOL at the Gandolf Mop mix. I really like the warm and vibrant colors in this series.