Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art That Barks

Looking for something to do tonight? Stop by the Heaventree Gallery at Fraser and 15th for

It's an animal-themed art show. I'll be stopping in (I'm not in the show).

More info? Look here.

Also, I'm hunting for a dog sitter over Christmas. My usual sitter is not available. If you've got any sitters you like and trust, please drop me a line!


2halves said...

They can come here.

Now, I don't feed raw, but I do have an Angry Ham they can gnaw on!

Promise to take lots of pics, too!

Sweet~Ceana said...

I would reccomend my dog sitter, but she lives in Arizona... unless you might be interested in an import ;)

ACB said...

Oooh! Ship them to Texas!! They can teach my Danes a thing or two...or three...

pam said...

I'm in Michigan and am looking for a good sitter too. Anyone???

birch's mom said...

I am a very lucky "food lady" to one of your rescues. Had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Whenever I need a lift or a laugh, I just sign in and look at the great photo's & read the wonderful commentary. You need to write a book! Dont stop.