Saturday, March 17, 2007

Most of these things are a lot like the others

Yeah okay, it's been a lazy month for updating ye old blogger. I got a new computer because my old one was screaming, literally, at me and making thumping noises that promised Doom. I've been busy transferring stuff from one to the other and muttering curses - my own dogs are terrified of my grumpy self and have vanished into the ether - no small feat, considering the size of my apartment. So I took photos of other people's dogs instead.

We embarked on a group "hike" (let it be known, that I consider flat surfaces sufficient to be called "hiking" and prefer them to climbing mountains and other stupid things like this) with 10 people and 25 or so dogs. We shocked, amazed and scared other "hikers" with the swarming pack of mostly-border collies. We lost two dogs because really, how could you tell? We found them again. Mostly we just laughed at the expressions on the faces of passerby.

Some of my favourite shots of the "hike"

Two red dogs, one looking mighty sassy

Three morons, in one photo!

A nice photo of a dog who is hell bent on killing Tweed. IOW, a dog after my own heart! This is Phoenix

Parker's ass. JLo, eat your heart out

I think this is something out of The Matrix. Simon and Mia are fused together at the face:

Lots more photos from the hike can be seen on my Flickr Page

And a few random photos. I recently managed to acquire myself a copy of CS2 and I have been playing around with various elements to get creative with some of my photos.

Mostly they are of Piper

Something about this photo reminds me of a Japanese Monster. I dunno why:

And last, but not least, when it pisses rain for days on end, sometimes you just don't want to go outside. But you also don't want 3 Woofs and a Woo destroying your home out of sheer boredom. So you encourage some WW3 Smackdown style wrestling and then you take photos of it.