Monday, February 26, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

Yo biatch, step off!

If Piper is Hell, than her teeth are the gateway to darkness. Damn, she is such a bitch!!

And then when you think you'd better start sleeping with a hammer under your pillow and one eye on her at all times, she busts out her cute self:

...and begs me to notice just how damn cute

She's not the only one begging for attention. Clearly, my dogs are starved for it. OR it could have been the cookies in my hand. You may not know this, but Tweed won Best Pathetic Dog Face in the Oscars this year:

The happy face of a dog sated with cookies. Or rice crackers. Whatever, they were handy.

The Woo is extremely concerned about rumours of a national cookie shortage

Concern makes his ears get bigger.
And if you are a Red Dog, you are supremely confident that your good looks alone will have the general public handing out cookies like raindrops on kittens or however that goes: