Sunday, March 18, 2007

I lied

(ooooh look at me! First I can't bothered to update my blog and now I can't stop!)

I am a liar because a few posts ago I said I don't take photos of people and that you would have to imagine what Adrian looked like. But then he decided to, like, love on his dog and I couldn't resist snapping a photo because it was very touching. But keep in mind, ladies, this is not a dating site! I will not give out his contact information (well, maybe for a satisfactory sum of money. Send me an email and we'll talk numbers).

What is amazing is that he even loves his dog when his dog looks like this:

Now I like Adrian and all, but I am in LOVE with his foster dog Hank. Hank makes my heart go pitter patter, and also makes me want to play with his photos in CS2 and make them really neat and cool. So because Hank is the boss of me, I did.

Mezmorizing, right?

But he has his moments too. This sort of thing makes me want to run away, until I remember I am behind a zoom lens, and already did:

But I can take photos of stuff other than Hank, I think. Here are some other shots I liked from this afternoon.

All the dogs were too pansy assed to jump off the dock and into the lake to get the ball. We took turns tossing them in. Red Dog went in by himself. Woo went in by himself, but that's because he fell. Eventually Harriet went in too, but I was so surprised after all the pretending-to-go-in stuff she did that I missed it.

I did catch her swimming back to shore, her beard trying to drown her:

And then my favourite, yet another shaking dog photo. Is there a 12 step group for this sort of thing? I can't stop taking shaking dog pictures! I had to get right down at her level in the mud to get a photo of the gremlin shaking.

There is no good reason for including this photo, except that I am pleasantly surprised when I catch Tweed NOT being a dork, for a change.

I tried about 8000 times to get a photo of Parker running. I have still been unsuccessful in getting one that I like, she is just too damn fast. I told Jackie she would have to buy me a faster lens if she wanted a running picture, and she said she would think about it. For some reason, I'm just not holding my breath.

So instead I took a standing still shot. It doesn't negate my yearning for a running greyhound photo though. I have a goal for this year, at least.

And this photo had a romantic feel to it that I like. I think I can improve it even more in Photoshop if I play around a bit.