Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why Greyhounds Dance

We had a visit today from Kepler (formerly - I can't say, Kim won't let me pronounce his former name, but let's just say it rhymes with Antsy-Rants) of the frozen wilds from Alaska! Kim adopted Kepler from us as the yin to Biko's yang. Kepler was also in our 2007 Calendar, the gangly feller!

Kepler and sister Biko

My obsession with dogs-shaking extends to other dogs as well!

My gal pal's greyhound Parker just plain old makes for great photos. I'm quite proud of how well these photos of her turned out. Did you know that Greyhounds can dance?

Also they can stare in a wise fashion

And are most excellent at sucking up

"Which end is which??"

Terriers of mysterious heritage, like Harriet, are also animated creatures!

And don't let anyone tell you a terrier is not evil! (at least, if you are a portgeguese ... portag ... oh whatever, water dogs of portugal)

They can be all sweet and innocence too, but don't believe it. One time Harriet sat on my seat and got it wet!!

And really, when you take a photo of a dog with the world's most ridiculous ears, you must post it. Look at these things!