Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dog With A Thousand Faces

And all of them look exactly like this:

Get. Your. Camera. OUTTAMYFACE.
Or I'll tear out your heart and shove up your nostrils.

Okay, that's so not fair of me. Sometimes he looks like this:


Poor Tempus the borderjack thinks he is so misunderstood. But we understand him just fine - he is Satanic.

As your Master, I summon thee. Now, kill these humans. ALL these humans.

And it's not like his sister, Rogue, is much better - even though she isn't a borderjack. We think. Or rather, we don't think. Well, to be honest, we aren't really sure WHAT the heck Rogue is. She has this in common with His Wootieness.

I am MISTER(y) WOO. Please refrain from speculation. Thx.

What the heck is Rogue Poguey, AKA, The Angry Coho?

Huwo. You can't peg me. Nope.

Rogue is silvery-blue and white, and squeaked in at just 16" when measured for agility. She is Evil in Training, but lacks the psychotic qualities of her deeply disturbed borderjack sibling.

Also, she is weird.

Any ideas?

As long as it doesn't involve swimming, I don't care what you call me. This liquid is GWOSS!

I'm a booteeful and imperious pwincess. Don't forget that. Or I'll bite you.

Yesterday we tried a new swimmin' hole, called Buntzen Lake. Fiona said it was "an adventure," but I think she just wanted us to go somewhere with water that wouldn't make Toby smell like the mouldy old socks of a long dead man.

It was quite lovely at the lake, very picturesque, and - HEY! GET OUT OF THE SHOT, TWEED!

But I'm so good lookin' :(

From what glimpses of it I could catch, that is. Oh hai, Piper. Yes, I see you.

I said YES, Piper, I DO see you! Jeez!

Well fantastic, you're not blind after all. What good news. Maybe you could see yourself throwing this ball for me then.

Food Lady = slave to a trio of canine whims (Mr. Woo's whim is to sit around doing nothing at all)

Today, the kittens are the vet getting themselves spayed, while their mama, El Gato Negro, roams my condo calling for her little lost children. It kind of breaks your heart. Also your eardrums.

The brown tabby has a home. The black and white whiskerface is meeting what I hope will be her new home on Saturday!

This leaves only EGN and her reign of terror over my poor dogs.

She is a nice cat in her own right, but foldy ears or not, nobody seems to want her :( Black cats get a bum rap.

But why?

Never mind Toby.

But WHY?!?!

Toby shut up. Don't make me summon the Lazy Orange Basketball from its leafy hiding place.

Did someone summon me?

You know when I do that, Piper goes into strange twisty fits.

In other news, Tess the pregnant BC that we flew here a few weeks ago was recently x-rayed and appears to be carrying 8 little bundles of fuzzylump cuteness for us, due sometime in the begining of September. Fingers crossed that all goes well!


2halves said...

I can tell you exactly what Rogue is... Kate's Mini-Me!

Although, since I don't know what the hell Kate is either that's not real helpful. She does have a similarly weird color, though.

Any side shots?

D said...

I LOVE black kitties. SOOOOO much. The fact that I have 2 cats in a no pets allowed condo stops me from getting more though (probably a good thing...). What happens to EGN if no one wants her? :/

Mary said...

Rogue looks like a border-jack to me. I've heard females tend to be slightly less psychotic, but who knows.

Lily and Benson said...

We love the picture "get the camera outtamyface"
Benny & Lily

riosmom said...

Your pictures are always worth the wait for your next post. I think Rogue may be, like Woo, a VID - very interesting dog

PoochesForPeace said...

Rogue looks A LOT like a Boston Terrier mix I've seen before. Look on the blog called Stella & Roo. Rogue reminds me a lot of Rufus in the shot you have of her in the water with the ball!

Katharine Swan said...

I have an all black cat. She offsets my all white cat. I think EGN is adorable and I hope someone will give her a good home. Otherwise I might be tempted to drive my butt all the way there from Colorado to do so myself.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed our local Buntzen Lake...I live very close to it. Have met quite a few of your "That'll Do Rescue" alumni there at different times...


Beth said...

If I didn't live way far away in Maryland I'd take Whiskers Explosion and EGN in a heartbeat! I realize that doesn't help anyone...but ya know, I'd do it.

The Border Collies said...

"Rogue looks A LOT like a Boston Terrier mix I've seen before. "

Ooohhh ... you could be on to something! I have suggested that before ... I don't think she is a straight border/jack cross at all - I have seen many, and she doesn't fit quite. I think there is something else unusual in there, and it definitely could be Boston. She has quite the underbite too.

"What happens to EGN if no one wants her? :/"

Well EGN is going to go stay at a local shelter my good pal runs, in the hopes the exposure to actual people will encourage an adoption. If after a couple of weeks that doesn't happen, she can come back here. I think she has to be appreciated in person, because on the internetz she is just another "boring" black kitty. Fingers crossed!!

nickelsmum said...

I have adopted a Borderjack who is mysteriously not psychotic. He gets along fine with every dog he meets, and loves people, and ignores cats. Go figure. I didn't believe such a thing was possible.

The Piper pictures made me all happy.

nickelsmum said...

P.S. I would take EGN in a heartbeat if I had a cat-suitable house. But with one Border Collie who can't leave 'em alone, and dog doors that would let kitty out directly into a coyote runway... not going to happen. Good luck with placing her!

MalaysianFan said...

I love the photo of Woo sitting in meditation on the beach, blissfully unaware that Piper will be shattering his tranquility in 3... 2... 1...

And I have my evil little fingers crossed that EGN does in fact stay with you, so you can continue to make us all smile with photos of her glorious, huge, round eyes and furry, foldy ears. Not a "boring" black kitty at all! :-)