Monday, April 13, 2009

Yo, Wassup Peeps?!

I know we have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. The Food Lady has been busy rescuing border collies ... so many border collies. Big or little, one or seven, The Food Lady can and will cram them into her truck and drive them all over Hell's half acre to keep them safe. Now we have quite a selection of lovely dogs! If you are interested in keeping up with intakes, check out That'll Do Border Collie Rescue's page on Facebook.

With the help of the ever wonderful Mike and Marion, as well as the District of North Vancouver Animal Shelter, we got 7 border collies to safety after they (and 23 of their relatives) were seized from a gentleman who was inclined to collect the little darlings in his house. The nice thing about these guys is that despite all they've been through, they really like people and want to belong to someone. Once they have been cleansed of the little critters and relieved of their reproductive organs Sky, Lady, Alex and Maria will be ready for forever homes of their own.

You can also go the District of North Van shelter to meet Orbit, Malcom and Stubby.

We have also been bidding adieu to Auntie Jackie, who is returning to China this week for an extended period, so we've been hanging out with Parker and Harriet whenever possible.

Bye bye.

SHE SAID BYE BYE!!! Shoo, camera lady.

Public Healthy Warning:

Tempus the borderjack

The Face of An Angel
The Personality of Satan

Anyway, I have been so busy there has been no time for blogging. That, however, was forced to change recently. You see, on Saturday my co-worker Mr. Pickles gifted (???) me with what can only be described as a truly unreasonable number of boxes of Peeps (tm). If you have been looking for Peeps (tm), and cannot find any, it's because THEY ARE ALL IN MY HOUSE.

You are familiar with Peeps (tm), yes? They are completely disgusting marshmallow ducks dipped in sugar. I can't even say the word out loud, because one of my teeth falls out every time I do. I have been pondering the significance of this gift and have decided that there can only be one explanation - Mr. Pickles is trying to kill me, so he can run away with Mr. Woo.

These Peeps(tm) are very entertaining photo props.

Though Piper would disagree.

Peep Army

Peep Humiliation causes ...

...Peep Depression

The King of Peeps

on the advice of his closest adviser

sacrifices a member of his own troops.

Oddly (because what other kind of pet would I have, rather than an odd one)

The cat thinks Peeps are DE-LISH

Please don't be jealous. I know you all wish you too were single, had more dogs than sense, and a NEVER ENDING SUPPLY OF F*CKING PEEPS with which to amuse yourself on long weekends.


dp said...

Are your dogs sitting on your kitchen table? Wait until my dogs here about this! I am doomed.

And Food Lady is not lying about Tempus. Not one bit.

StellaStar said...

Glad you're back! Those are some cute new rescues you've got there...I'm thinking you should advertise them like this:

Rescue a dog, get a free box of peeps @ no extra cost!!!Maybe that will help get rid of those peeps. If not, I'm sure Nutzy would gladly get those off your hands :)

Great photos as always!

Life in vet school said...

It looks like maybe a coffee table?

I missed Piper and Tweed and Mr. Woo, Food Lady! I was so excited when I saw a new post. :)

I love the King of Peeps photo, and Mr. Woo being counseled. What is Piper so irate about in her first photo? Sheesh!

Fi said...

The Food Lady has Tempus on her lap on a regular basis, and smiles adoringly at him.

Or is it a rictus grin? I can never remember.....

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA! I love the peeps depression pic! Poor Tweed! HAHA HA!

Stephanie said...

Mad teeth(tm) + Peeps makes the BEST photo of Piper ever!

riosmom said...

Thank goodness you are back - I was having withdrawal symptoms and beginning to worry about you and the pooches. Glad your co-worker gave you the peeps so you could do this photo shoot. Only the Woo seems unperturbed by the peeps.

Congratulations on the BC rescues - it is a shame they needed to be rescued.

Emma Rose said...

Boy we missed you! That picture of Piper has us laughing out loud. And a Border Jack? Oh my, definitely a bad combination there.
Thanks for the great photos.

PoochesForPeace said...

About the Border Jack: Wow. Thats all. (In a very interested/surprised/confused sort of way).

And, I MISSED YOUR BLOG! Phew, I was starting to get worried. Glad to see you on here!

b13 said...

I can't stop laughing... those peep shoots... to funny!

Barbara said...

Thank doG you are back. We missed you and Woo (and the rest)

Anonymous said...

we missed you! we were starting to worry about you.

- Three meows, two woofs, a tweet and their servant

Buzz's Food Lady said...

oh, yes, I have to agree that

mad teeth + peeps = epic Piper picture

Thank you for saving all those lovely dogs!

Anonymous said...

mad teeth(tm) + peeps = loss of composure for extended period.
Thought we were going to have go looking for Food Lady in rescue, somewhere, glad to know you are still around.

sclmarm said...

We have Jacks and Borders and thought that would either be a great cross or pure evil:)

Love the peep photos!

Sarah said...

curious- any information on this hoarder in Yakima? I recently adopted a dog from shelter in portland who had supposedly been transferred from a "rescue" in Yakima. My poor dog has turned out to have some serious temperament issues, and I suspect that the "rescue" may have actually been a hoarder. I believe my pup is a basset/lab mix...

I would just be interested to know if it's possible my dog came from a situation like this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for:

Peep pics, especially
Peep Depression ... and
For rescuing doggies.

Now I'll be patient because it's a virtue (screw virtue) and wait for evaluations on That'll Do.

Anonymous said...

OK, please, while you are on a roll we need a picture of MC Hammy and his PEEPS!!

The Border Collies said...

curious- any information on this hoarder in Yakima? I recently adopted a dog from shelter in portland who had supposedly been transferred from a "rescue" in Yakima. My poor dog has turned out to have some serious temperament issues, and I suspect that the "rescue" may have actually been a hoarder.No, the gentleman in Yakima where these dogs came from are all border collies, with a couple of Aussies, are probably all related, none crossed with basset and they all have wonderful temperaments. There are lots of rescues in Yakima, and lots and lots of stray and unwanted dogs in Yakima, so yours could be from anywhere.

The Daily Dog said...

I can't stop laughing at the Peep Army photo. Mr. Woo's expression says "Bitch, I will sic these Peeps on you if you so much as breathe wrong." and Tweed and Piper's say "He's serious, don't do it!"

MalaysianFan said...

Oh, thank heaven you're back, Food Lady! I'm stuck over here in Kuala Lumpur with nought but a psychologically questionable cat. No border collies, and most assuredly no Peeps. Sadly, no Mr. Pickleses (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) in sight. I rely upon 3WAAW to make up for these deficiencies and to make me laugh til I cry. The shot of Advisor Donut whispering to General Woo is priceless.

Anonymous said...

It's a tough week when I can't get a 3WAAW fix. Please don't stay away for long!

Smaki said...

Whew! I was missing the woofs and the woo! Thanks for the (sugar) fix!

Lynnek42 said...

I'm not done reading the comments, but I HAVE to say that the picture of Piper and her mad teeth (tm) with the peeps on her feet has to be the best picture ever in all of eternity. And I'm serious - EVER! Can you make posters of that to sell? Or something?! And, welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

something to do with all those peeps from Bakerella's website! They're so cute!

Alaska said...

Not to change the subject, but I'm worrying about who Parker and Harriet will be hanging out with when Auntie Jackie returns to China. They're all going to China? They're staying behind? They're staying somewhere far away that will prevent their appearance in TWAAW for the duration?

I will miss seeing pictures of the supremely graceful Parker. And Harriet too.