Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did anyone lose

their lecherous / pervy uncle facial expression?

No worries - Tweed's taking care of it for you.

It was such a nice day today, I was thinking about taking the dogs to the beach. The dogs were way ahead of me on this one.

Think faster, stupid human.

It's just that I don't know if it's safe, what with all the porn.

Wootie is highly suggestable

The Flamboyance (tm) is extra secksy.

But, you know, when you get involved with porn, there is a good chance you will be violated.

I am about to give some of you the most annoying earworm EVAH.



Except I don't recall The Littlest Hobo being completely cross eyed, do you?

He is a really good looking dog, except for the incredibly weird facial expressions.

I think it kinda pissed off the other dogs.

Wootie! Go get your Wootie Toy!!


(And by "Wootie Toy" I of course meant "Mad Teeth"(tm). And by "go get it" I apparently meant "and bite her really hard in the face.")

Or, the ear.

Ah yes, the Mad Teeth(tm) of Spring. And the truly strange Tweed shaking shots.

So tell me, smart readers - what kind of dog is this?
And, did they shave his face???
I am usually pretty good at guessing breeds and their derivatives* but this guy has me stumped.

*Except Woo. I have no idea what Woo is.

This breed is easy: Too Damn Fast for my camera!

Maybe he is the mascot for an 80s hair metal band?

Oops! More porn! The French kind.


shihtzustaff said...

It looks like a Samoyed to me.

StefRobrts said...

Looks like a sammy to me too. My eskies looked like that when they were babies (that shaved face look usually hits when they're just growing into the gangly stage) but they aren't that big.

Great action shots!

Carol said...

A Samy puppy. And Wootie is a Miniature American Eskimo/BC. The MAE is why he is untrainable, and is the source of The Flamboyance(tm). The orangeness is oldstyle BC ala Forrest and Frazier listed for adoption on PNWBC Rescue, Washington state. Just to let you know...

I spewed tea thanks to the lecherous grin on Tweed in the shaking photo and all the funny comments. I have taken to keeping a towel next to my computer because you guys are so funny!

Lexi, Qwill, Shiner and Trophy said...

how big was the white mystery dog. If it was small it could be an American Eskimo Dog, but if larger i would say Samoyed.

Amy said...

It does resemble a Sammy. Maybe he needed eye surgery so they shaved his face? We've done that at the vet before.

You know you so have do do Woo's DNA. I did it on 2 of my dogs, interesting stuff! ;~)

lvmygoldie said...

I think you have found the very elusive, very rare sheep in wolf's clothing!

Emma Rose said...

It looks like a Samoyed to me too, with a shaved face! Yikes!

The Border Collies said...

See now, he looked like a Sammy tome but that FACE! There was short hair on his face, and his face was fat. Maybe I've just never seen one at that age, because the other Sammys that come to the park have more refined faces - with HAIR!!

And I hate to tell ya'll, but there is no border collie in Wootie. Mini Aussie maybe, but he doesn't have any BC traits at all ;-)

nickelsmum said...

Sammy. Reminds me of a 5 month old Keeshond. In between being unbearably cute fuzzball pups and unbearably cute fuzzball adults, Keeshonds go through an unbearably ugly baboon stage. Apparently it is so unbearable that no one can stand to post a photo on the internetz.

And the "too fast for my camera" looks like a Pyrenean Shepherd.

Interesting Wootie provenance theory, Carol. I can almost go there. I agree with Food Lady, though -- I don't think there is any BC in there. However, he does appear to be recessive yellow (ee) which would be hard (but not impossible) to get with one mini Aussie parent. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Wootie has English Shepherd in him. Check out the cousin in these photos of an ES puppy mill property. I think I posted a link once because I was surprised by how much the dog in the photo resembled Mr. Woo.

Anonymous said...

samoyed husky!!

manymuddypaws said...

was the other dog a Pyr Shep??? It is hard to tell from the photos...I am all about the Pyr Shep ya know...

The Border Collies said...

Wootie has English Shepherd in him.Well that's a definite statement! but no - I don't believe he has any ES in him at all. He is not built like one, and doesn't act like one either. He actually a number of Aussie traits, including where he carries his extra weight/skin (torso) and his vocal range ;-) And remember Woo is only 17" at the shoulder, smaller even than Piper - he is much smaller than an ES.

American Eskimo has been suggested before, but IME AE mixes get the Spitz ears, something Woo does not have. And he has an incredibly refined face, almost Sheltie-ish. Duck Toller has been suggested many times, mainly due to the a)orangeness, and b) barkscreaming! I am very familiar with Tollers and don't see it either. He is such a littler mystery!

nickelsmum said...

I think there is Sheltie in the Wooster. It would help explain the color, which is a flaw with many other theories.

Carol said...

Now, I had a Samy/Springer mix when I was younger, and he had Springer ears, just not as long. He was black and white, and everyone would ask if he was a BC (obviously NOT!) Other than that he was a small Samy with flopped over ears with curly hair on them and a little jowl from the side. So ears can win over the Spitz ears.

I should DNA the Giz, but that would take half the fun out of outings. You know, when people ask what he is, and for giggles you have them hazard a guess. He is a labrador, pointer, Australian Shepherd, BC, husky, spaniel, setter, shepherd... As long as he isn't a pit, we're okay.

Andrea said...

Fantastic photos...that expression in the first one is priceless!! Always enjoy visiting your blog. :)

StellaStar said...

Whoo! What a racy blog post with all the porn! Love it, as always. (The post, not the porn). Woo gets lovin wherever he goes...

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Woo is not a BC?!?! I always thought he is! I have a BC pup now, 7months old who looks like Woo(at least the colour). I've met his parents so I'm definitive he is a BC. So maybe Woo is one? My orange BC is also mini (compared to his live-in brother, a typical black-white)

Check him out here and tell me your thoughts!

The Border Collies said...

Woo is not a BC?!?! I always thought he is! I have a BC pup now, 7months old who looks like Woo(at least the colour). I've met his parents so I'm definitive he is a BC. So maybe Woo is one?Nope! Border collies may be orange dogs, but not all orange dogs are border collies. Woo is a mystery!

Cat said...

Def. Samoyed.

There was a Woo-clone (seriously!) in a local shelter down here. (I did try to adopt him but he had already been snapped up. *pout) - down to the mis-colored eyes. He was Aussie x papillon. o.0

R said...

I think the first dog is a Samoyed too. But then I figured the too fast for the camera dog as maybe the hairy version of the chinese crested, so maybe I'm not so good at judging dog size (or type) from pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across this blog and just had to say - awwww! Such gorgeous pictures! I'm always trying to get good snaps of my dog (fat westie who I adore) but they never come out looking like this :(

Good job!