Saturday, December 13, 2008

If the Mountain won't come to Mohammad

Then Mohammad is going to load two people and five dogs into a mini van and visit the damn Mountain.

Cypress Mountain I mean.

Last week's snowfall was a bait-n-switch. For two hours big happy flakes drifted slowly to earth and blanketed everything in a Christmasy fashion. I got up to use the washroom and when I came pack it was pouring rain and all the snow was gone. WTF?

Well, that's just not good enough. Dammit, my dogs wanted winter snowtimez, and by doG, they were going to get it. So we went and found some.

Loads of it.

The folks at Cypress could not be nicer, even though it was opening day and the mountain was packed. They gave us back country passes and a map, and sent us out to let our dogs enjoy the trails. We felt really sorry for all the dogs we passed in the parking lot that were stuck in cars whilst their people skied. Poor woofs.


This is your dog:

And this is your dog on snow:


Captain Ice Beard wants to give you smoocheroonis.

The dogs were soooo happy!

Yay! I'm king of the snowtimez!

Think again, Ice Balls!
(and Tweed goes down)

Ha ha! Eat my snow!

And then Tweed got stuck.

Umm ... a little help here?


Oh yeah. Real funny. Hi-larious.

I'll just add this to the list of Reasons Food Lady Must Die, shall I?

Abominable Snow Jenn!

Oh look! Family portrait:

Okay, not really, cuz that's Jenn, not Piper. But whatever - they are both small, they both have enormous ears, and they are both more evil than the devil himself.

How dare you. I am *nothing* like that Jenn bitch!

Oh, umm, really?

You're probably wondering where all the Wootie photos are. Well, he kindly posed for a picture or two ...

And then he took off, and we didn't see him again for like an hour. Mr. Woo follows the beat of a different drummer. Too bad that drummer is not smart enough to walk on the trail instead of swimming through deep drifts.

Robyn wants my job. And if it means sitting in the snow ... well, she can have it! Brrr!

I have to say, I really love SnowFaces. They crack me up!

Especially SnowFaceTweed:

And SnowFaceJenny is just hella cute.

Ok. A REAL family portrait of two extremely happy woofs and an ecstatic Woo!

And today's photo WIN goes to Jenny, who's all Why you pointin' that box in my face, bizzatch?

So at long last, the dogs got their WinterSnowTimez. There was some whining on the way back to the car - worse than kids!! "My feet are cold and have snow in them; the ice balls on my stomach are touching my weiner; I can't feel my toes." (oh wait, that last one was Robyn) but now they are all fast asleep under my chair.

It's funny, because today I was looking at this:

And this time next week I'll be looking at this!

So if I do not get a chance to post again, Merry Christmas, dear readers. I hope Santa is as good to you as he's going to be to me!

Many blessings on all your houses :)


BriannaBean said...

SnowFaceTweed = most adorable thing ever!

Mary said...

Tweed stuck in the snow = Panda Dog!

Lindsey said...

What a beautiful location for Wintersnowtimez! I think all the pics are WINS! Love the family portriats too, both the real one and a the "almost" one as well. ; ) The pups all look SO happy! I wish we had wintersnowtimez in NE TX... Have a great time in Mexico!

Cavewoman said...

Dogs in the snow are so much fun. I'm jealous that you got to play in the snow already. I've got two great places where I can go, but both are still off limits because of large game hunting seasons. I should finally be able to get out there after Christmas. Let's just hope the snow sticks around until then.

MalaysianFan said...

Oh, boy! We'll have photos of Woofs in sombreros, and Donut slurping a margarita. Mad teeth south of the border(s), and the Flamboyance a la flamenco. I can't wait!

No? Drat.

riosmom said...

You torture us twice - once with your wonderful snow pictures and then with your planned vacation picture. It is 27 degrees here with rain predicted and Gracie and I are doing a tracking workshop today. Brrrrrr.

Have a great vacation and very happy holidays.

Kathleen said...

We are SOOOO snow here in Lima, PE - not even a remote chance of it, and Celeste is a Siberian Husky. Wah. We want snow.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Joy + exuberance + winter wonderland + very talented photographer X 5 dogs = some great blog entertainment. Thanks for the many laughs, stellar photos, superb writing, and for setting the bar so high. Enjoy that break. May 2009 bring lots of good things to your house too!

MaskedMan said...

Happy WinterSnowTimez!

Sorry that instead of decorative snow, you got taunting snow... Pthbbbbt on taunting snow! Cold rain is a PITA, especially when it gets rid of your snow.

Happy that you've got real snowz relatively nearby, though!

Oh, and "Captain Ice Beard"... Bwahahahahah!

Fenway said...

Frosty paws!

The Zoo Crew got one helluva early Christmas present.

Larissa said...

Awesome pics! i can't wait for the Sierras to get more snow so me and athena(my dog) Can go play!

miss mouse said...

Thanks for your wonderful stories and photos! You remind me to have fun with my own furry girl. Enjoy your vacation in a warm place, and best wishes for a wonderful 2009.

Anonymous said...

Tweed, did you forget your togue at home? You look so nice in it in the house! I'm glad you found snowtimez. We had a blizzard here yesterday and I would gladly send you all the snow:)

Corgidogmama~ said...

Happy happy, joy, Joy!!
That's what all their faces were saying!
Beeeuuutiful dogs!

Mason Dixie said...

Looks like that snow was a lot of fun. Can not wait til I get to play like that.