Monday, September 29, 2008

Long Dog

is long.


Today we had Breed ID Fail

Border collie?

Ohhhh ... not so much! Look at the size of him!

Meet Eli, a GIANT border collie X Bernese Mountain Dog

Lots of dog, lots of personality! But I think in this boston terrier, he met his match.

He doesn't look like much, but he took on The Eli.

And won.

And then this mop cleaned up the mess.

Mr. Woo is tired of my jokes, I think.

BUUUUT ... he's not tired of The Wootie Toy.

WHAT are you looking at?

It was such a beautiful day today! It's like summer all over again. Everyone was in a most excellent mood. Even Sporty made a friend, kind of. Okay, he didn't bite this dog in the face for running beside him. For Sport that = friend.

Look how handsome this old man dog is these days! Srsly.

Oh hai! I spent all afternoon dancing on your gumboots.



We are proud to announce that Tweed is at his most svelte EVAH ... a scant 35lbs. He' so skinny, that his collar fell off somewhere on the weekend and we can't find it :( I just bought the darned thing too, it was all pretty and purple with sparkly polka dots. If you find it at Kits Beach, please let us know.


Synchro shaking with Eli.

Shakin', Boston style.



Michelle Wrighton Artist said...

Wow Sport is looking so good, amazing what some good food and a little TLC can do for an old guy, well done!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oo-o-oh, some beauty pics. And yes, svelte Tweed looks great, as does Old Man Dog. But then, they ALL look like life with the food lady agrees with them.

And now that I have my first small dog, I can celebrate the Boston's win. Way to go, little fellow!

Thanks for the morning cup of happy!

Fenway said...


And, are you sure you're not touching up Old Sport with Grecian Formula? Nary a stray gray mars his glossy muzzle.

Anonymous said...

I was missing your pictures - thanks! The picture of the Boston Terrier is awesome but they are all great Makes me want to pack up and head for the beach. Sport is just lovely.

Unknown said...

I love "Breed ID Fail" ... I am usually very good, but sometimes I am stumped!

Biggie-Z said...

Sport looks awesome! He really doesn't look old at all.

And Eli - humongous - looked like a photoshop job! HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Food Lady, could you be MY personal chef and trainer? Tweed looks great! Not just loooong, but svelte.

Yeah, hasn't this summer reprise been great? We have the same weather pattern as Vancouver a lot of the time here in Portland. Giz and Nik enjoyed lots of swimming and I enjoyed beautiful cycling. My husband enjoyed World of Warcraft! LOL. WOW LOL... Nerd!

I have my eye on a used Serotta steel frame, Bianchi top tubes being too long. Strip my 4th bike for components. Salivating just at the thought. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Well of course Sport didn't eat the pretty Aussie running alongside him. He has taste.

Jean said...

Great photos and captions. Sport looks great!
Am I reading your siggy on the photos correctly - Big Air Photography instead of Red Dog Photography? Did you change the name, or just add a second one to your copyright work?

Natalie said...

Sport looks so... shiny! Woot!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Sport does look amazing. You have done a wonderful thing for him. He looks so happy now.

Great pic's as always, love the one with huge Eli looking down on tiny swimming Woo. :-)

AKDD said...

Hilarious airborne WootiePics! The whole gang is looking good.

Holley Pack said...

I love the Eli & Boston Terrier photos. That Boston is too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hold everything ..."it was all pretty and purple with sparkly polka dots". Poor stud muffin Tweed, and you wonder how, when, why, where, it was lost. Me thinks Tweed's 'What?' pics sez it all.

Sheri said...

Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog a few weeks ago and am enjoying it immensely! I have two red and white border collies (one 13 and one 11). I was doing some crazy internet search on old dog ailments and found 3WAAW (Sport came up!). Sport still wins the old dog contest and its great he's doing so well. I am curious how you manage to get all the doggies so clean after being on the beach, etc. (garden hose???). We live in the mountains in Colorado, so no sand and surf, but I have a heck of a time cleaning the mud out of their fur when it rains or snows. It doesn't help that Scout (the younger dog) has an irrational fear of having any part of him cleaned. I suppose he figures that his close attention has stood him in good stead so far... Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures! Gotta love the Woo.

Sheri said...

OK, so I may have sent a comment twice, I thought I lost the first one -- I'm new to the whole blogging thing. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd previously crowned Tweed the King of Withering Looks, but Woo is catching up fast. It's a good thing you retain your own title of Food Lady, since the two of them appear to have little other use for you. We are SO not amused, they say individually.