Friday, September 05, 2008

The Green Finger of Death

It's been a while since my last post, mostly because for the last few days it has been difficult both to take photos and to type. Why you ask? Let me illustrate.

This is a normal finger:

This is the Green Finger of Death


I have a Streptococcus infection in my finger. I had no idea a finger could ever be this painful, unless, you know, it was poking you in the eye or something. Holy crow!

When I told Tweed he was all "Say WHAT my brutha?"

It's nice to know he was concerned.

When I told my mother, she said "ZOMG! You have Flesh Eating Disease!"


I have no photos of my mother at my immediate disposal, so I'll have to settle for this animated gif that is a reasonable facsimile of her:
Mr. Woo was pretty concerned about all the *whining* I've been doing about my finger. I think he may have offered to share his weed with me to ease the pain. What do you think?

And Sport. Sport said, "Ha ha. I may have a tape worm, but your finger is going to fall off. Ha ha ha." Ungrateful old goat!

*sigh* It really is gross, and weird. And painful! It's just been one of those weeks. I mean, aside from Green Sausage Finger, I also stepped out of the shower and straight into dead bird the other morning, courtesy of my little sociopath, Donut, whom my cat-savvy friends tell me was just expressing her love for me, and concern for my dietary needs.

I didn't touch the bird with my finger! That's not how I got flesh eating disease. But with the way this week is going, I can assume the bird foot will probably fall off as well.

Nutz reflects on her latest kill.

Between her and Mr. Woo's stellar hunting skills, as god as my witness, I shall never go hungry again! If I want to eat finch and squirrel that is.

Speaking of birds, I checked in with the baby gulls on the roof next door. They have become monsters. They are almost real birds, and will probably fly away any day now.

As for Piper, she just out and out made fun of me, which is just mean. She was all "Oh look at my face! I'm covered in flesh eating disease too! Ha ha!"


I did manage one beach-trip-with-camera this week, and the Green Finger of Death came in kinda handy. If you point it at Tweed, he can fly.

And Wootie can breakdance.

And Piper can turn into a frisbeeface.

And Sport can give me the Blank Stare of Dementia

Tomorrow we have an agility trial. Perhaps the Green Finger of Death can also bring us six Qs. Wouldn't that be a treat?

ha ha ha.


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Anonymous said...

Yup, that finger looks pretty painful alright...on the other hand Sport is looking mighty fine for an ol guy...mighty fine!!

Lindsay said...

Food Lady, I hope your finger gets well really soon. (And that your bird foot stays healthy.)

I think that some dog OWES you good runs tomorrow, after all the meanness and lack of sympathy!

Dannan and The Girl

PS Does Sport have the Eternal Tapeworm or something??

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is YUCK, and I'm an RN! Are you going to lose the nail?

Okay, I lied, I have more to say...

I love the photo of Tweed where he is concerned about you. What a loyal boy. Good luck at the trial. And listen Tweed -- now is the time to make your mummy proud. She's a bit down.

Heal quickly, Food Lady! I hope the pain subsides right away!

Anonymous said...

my only question is...what WERE you doing with that finger to get strep in it? ;-)

bummer about the sausageness and the greenness (don't say sausage too loudly or the dogs may assist you in the finger removal)...never fun to be bunged up like that.

I was getting ready to post harassing comments on the last post about your negligence of us though!

Raising Addie said...

Oh my, your poor finger! Hope it heals quick for you.

Tell Piper to go easy on you.


Ray said...

Sorry about the finger, but... I just went back two months in your blog and found one of your original Sport pics. Wow - what a difference two months of TLC can make!!! He is *such* a lucky boy to have found you.


Anonymous said...

Tweed you are such a good boy to be so concerned for mommy... Wootie? Were you out late on the town last night? I think Sport knows the story but he's not telling...because he ah... forgot!:)
Happy Trials

Fenway said...

Is it too girlie to yell "ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"???

On the other hand, sacrificing your finger just to make Sport laugh and smile will get you on the Express Train to Heaven, if there is such a thing.

We're just glad it's not the finger that pushes the shutter.

Unknown said...

Oh that finger looks nasty and painful! Take good care and follow the doctors orders to the T. Once I had an infection on the top of my hand it was a doozy to get rid of. I was on oral antibiotics for weeks. Get better soon! We love the photo with the crossed ankles. What a great dog-pose.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Way to turn pain into laughter, even if it is for all of us and maybe not so much for you. Poor you!! Hope that finger shrinks soon but remains firmly attached.

The faces of your crew were priceless! And dare I say it does look like you could be right about Woo :)

Loved the green finger magic powers shots too.

Hope you and your dogs (or just Tweed?) have fun today at the agility trial.

Cavewoman said...

Is it at least your middle finger so that you can tell people what you think about it when you're showing it to them?

On a side note, that's quite the pic of Mr. Woo pooing a frisbee mid-air. You think your finger hurts, that must have been some kind of painful. No wonder he needed the weed.

dp said...

Looks like the frisbee is fetching the Wootie in that shot. Sorry that you have flesh eating disease. Stay away from my brain.

The Border Collies said...

Well, you will all be happy to know that I have given the Green Sausage Finger of Death away ... to the exploded abscess tissue gods. As I unwind from a long day at agility (where Piper went 0 for 3, that little minx, and Tweed got another Steeplechase Q as well as the 2nd of the 3 Masters Titlings he needs for his SMADC title. Woot! Oh and speaking of Woo(t)s, where Mr. Woo found and rolled in human fecal matter. GROSS!) watching my new favourite show Dexter on, fiddling with the GSFoD, the green crud under my nail exploded forth from the bottom of my fingernail.

Regrettably I must share with you all the gory details. Buckets of green crap came out of the nail. My finger looks pretty normal again, except for the gaping hole between finger and nail. I think Carol was right ... I'm going to lose that nail :(

Oh and Mr. Woo got a cold shower under a cattle watering station for his troubles. Anyone want a fat orange dog, cheap?

Deb said...

Bummer about the green finger, Food Lady. Take care of yourself (although it sounds a little like the finger might have already taken care of itself).


Anonymous said...

In one blog entry plus comments, we have a Food Lady's finger exploding green slime, a stoned, frisbee-pooing Woo rolling in human excrement, an Angry Donut delivering bird corpses, a demonic Piper mocking the afflicted, and a demented Sport. At the moment, Tweed appears the only sane member of the tribe. Tell me, can this be??

Fiona said...

Hey! I theorised about the nail loss first! I never get proper credit. :-( And Tweed's titling run was a thing of beauty and poetry. Unlike my sad attempts with Mr. Scaredy.

Johann The Dog said...

Yeeeeeeoooooooouuuucccchhhh! That really looks nasty. Ahhh, you can't catch that through the Internet can you?

Hope you get to feelin' better soon, yikes! But green is my favorite color :)

Woofs, Johann

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Tweed - both for the sweet picture of him and his agility feats. He must be sooo happy now that you have taken to maligning Mr. Woo instead of him.

Glad the finger is better - there is nothing like a sore finger to make you aware of how much you use your fingers and how often they bump things or get bumped by things. Ouch!

Wonderful picture of the King of Sports with his paws crossed. Rio always used to lay with his paws crossed and it always touched my heart.

Sweet~Ceana said...

I hope your finger feels better. When I read your title I was hoping that you just happened to kill a lot of plants. No luck with that notion.

I have to ask though... how is it that your Mother looks so much like mine??? :)

Anonymous said...

double ouch on that finger. I will neither nag nor scare - but please be really careful, especially now.

If the woo doesn't chase cats... send him on down to Seattle.

and while I"m blathering about cats... I think they simply enjoy hearing the irritation in your voice when you find one of their "gifts." Button pushing at its finest.

AKDD said...

Hey, how's the Green Finger of Death doing? In college I used to have a racquetball glove that was called the Red Hand of Death, but it wasn't going to make my fingernail fall off. (I don't think). As an added bonus, the Red Hand of Death could easily be removed after the game. Handy, eh? Next time try something like that. Probably doesn't hurt half as much as the whole Green Finger/exploding abscess thing.
Seriously, sorry aobut the ouch, and I'm reasonably certain the Bird Foot will not permanently cripple you.