Monday, March 15, 2010

You may not remember me

but my name is Mr. Woo. You haven't seen me in quite some time.
*drips sarcasm*

The Food Lady is too good for us lowly dogs these days. She never bothers to photograph us anymore. She doesn't even know how to use the camera these days.


I don't understand what the problem is. It's not like that boring old dog is taking up all her time anymore. She sent that ole' bag of bones packing so he went back home.

There's a lot less swearing in the house now. But also a lot less leftovers.

All weekend long she totally ignored us. I decided to to beat some sense into her with this big stick I found, but Piper and Tweed wouldn't let me.

Tweed wasn't really into it. He had another plan to punish The Food Lady and drive her crazy - all weekend long at the agility trial he said he did something called "blowing her off," "flipping her off" and "giving her the bird." I don't know what it means, but he seemed pretty satisfied with himself afterward.

He spent a lot of time reflecting on what he calls his "Missing Contacts and What-Are-Weave-Pole-Entries-Anyway" plan.

Except it didn't work. TFL says she still loves him anyway.

She still loves me?

And Piper is just a suck up.

"*I* didn't miss any poles or contacts. Of course, I didn't run in the trial this weekend, but still. I'm a perfect princess."

Dexter is a spaz. He can't be trusted with any Food Lady Punishment plans.

Now The Food Lady says she is busy working on making us more famous by redesigning the blog, so she STILL doesn't have much free time to photograph us.

*sigh* My life is so hard.

Please tell The Food Lady to spend more time with us!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey food can you resist those adorble faces? BOL
Benny & Lily

Heather and Kelly said...

You know Food Lady, Woo is right. Not enough photographs....been missing your blog posts!!

Debra Kay said...

Woo-I miss you, I do, but TFL is trying to put food in your face, so lighten up. Moon, Molly and Solo spent a WEEK at a place called a KENNEL. No hand feeding, no home cooked meals, only kibble and, it could be worse.

Erin said...

Woo, your face in that picture makes me feel so bad for you, I want to feed you cheese. *tries to lure Woo to my house*

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Dear Mr. Woo...the food lady is trying to make money to feed you and I just know that you are not being neglected like you think. If you really think you are, please come to my house because I absolutely love you...all of you!!!! Love, Debbie and Holly
PS: You will have to put up with another dog and two cranky old cats though!

Tatyana said...

Mr. Woo, you made me giggle today! :P

Anonymous said...

LOL woo is sooo funny! Just stumbled across your post the other day and have now read every single one of your blogs!!! So funny! I just love your doggies! I have been waiting for this post... now its time for you to write another one lol... hint hint hint

Emma Rose said...

Wootie, why don't you come stay with us until the Food Lady gets her sh*t together? LOL! We would be happy to take pictures of you! We could send them home to FL and she would miss you so much!
Ya' think?

RachelB said...

Awww. Wootie, if I could figure out how to send you biscuits through the intertubes, I would.

Anonymous said...

Wootie u r the bestest ever ;)

MalaysianFan said...

Dear Mr. Woo,

Yes, it's woefully obvious to all of us who have been following 3WAAW for years that TFL is a self-absorbed, dog-neglecting and -abusing monstrosity.

We need only look at your emaciated form and attention-starved demeanor to realise the truth.

Poor, POOR you.
(You do look quite snarky in the first photo, but when it comes to sarcasm, I can out-drip you, you little orange ingrate!)

Ktbug Ladydid said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I wuv your pups and shenanigans! Half Pint requests more posts! She has an uber crush on Dexter.

Companion Animal Solutions said...

Woo, Auntie Christine here telling you that you'd better ease up on your evil ways and support Food Lady's "increasing monetary gain" plan.

If you don't, you'll have to come to my house and be neglected right along with Conner and Flynn. You know that a dog trainer's dog suffer the same fate as the cobbler's kids. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Come on food lady, spend some time with those dogs! ;-)
Beautiful photos. The quality of them are amazing!