Friday, December 04, 2009

Help a puppy, win a prize!

This little fella:

is just 9 weeks old, and somehow has already managed to get run over by a car :(

His people brought him into a vet clinic and learned that surgery to fix his fractured pelvis and hip would cost upwards of $1000.00, which they did not have. So they surrendered him to the clinic, and the clinic in turn has given him to TDBCR.

We'd like to give this little guy a fighting chance to have four functioning limbs instead of the 3 he's wobbling around on right now.

Laughing Dingo Studios, who alerted us to this puppy in need, is offering you a chance to win a free pet portrait if you donate to Little Man's surgery fund via paypal. No amount is too small - anyone who donates will have their name entered in the draw.

Our paypal address is Be sure to leave a valid email address where we can contact you if you are the winner of this fabulous prize!

We know times are tight, and we know Christmas is just around the corner. But if you can spare a few dollars to make the future a little brighter for a little dude in pain, that'd be like the nicest Christmas gift EVER.

Got questions? Email us. This little guy will be looking for a home once he's all healed up too, so be sure to check our website for updates.


D said...

You just broke my heart. I'm so poor I barely feed myself to make sure my cats are fed. I WISH I could help :/

Tristan and Braun said...

Awwwwww!!! Poor him! Look up for my paypal sendover! Hope he gets sorted out and come back as good as new as soon! Sending good vibes to the little boy!

Sam said...

Oh my... what a little heart breaker and a handsome boy!! How could anyone be so careless and heartless :-( donation made.. hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

Donation on the way.

angie said...

oh my goodness!!! poor little guy. feel better!!

Monique-NEBCR said...

What a beauty! Thank you for taking him in and giving him a chance. Our newest family member is a 2 year old bouncy, sweet-as-pie BC girl named Li'l Lyn. She was brought to a vet clinic on a Sunday in February with a broken leg. When the family found out the cost to repair it ($2k+) they planned to leave her there with an order to have her euthanized. Thankfully a quick thinking vet tech got them to relinquish ownership to her, and she immediately called New England Border Collie Rescue. NEBCR did the surgery and not long after she came to us to foster.... and never left. ;)

She's now racing around like the wind with her BC siblings. You'd never suspect she'd ever been injured at all.

Here's wishing Little Man all the very best... now off to make a donation. :)

Mary said...

I just saw your post for the little guy today - hope the surgery is a complete success.
I sent in a little donation - but forgot to put a comment on that it is for the Little Man's surgery - not sure if that was needed or not.
Love the Laughing Dingo portraits! Nice of them to donate that.
Ciao, Mary

Augusta said...

Like Mary, I sent a little donation but didn't write it was for him. Is it arrived? Thanks for doing so much for him. Augusta from Italy