Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad dog ...?

Tonight I was playing with light and shadow. This is what a Red Dog looks like in black and white when he has been punished for being BAD. Bad like attacking the cat. Now, they say the prednisone will make him thirsty (check) and pee more often (check check!), and that it may increase his hunger (this would explain why the BEST DOG EVER snuck into the bathroom and ate all the cat's food, something he would never have done pre-steroids ... he did it right in front of me!)(he has no practice at being sneaky, obviously). I was also warned that it would make him moody. Until he went after the cat, I saw no signs of this.

Now the cat, you must understand, has just cost me five big bills in vet costs. The infamous Toilet Kitty has somehow gotten old. He'll be 16 this year, and he is diabetic - going on 4 yeas now. Earlier this week he crashed - his blood sugar was through the roof, his bladder got all infected ... it was ugly. And expensive! And now that I have spent the big bucks getting him on the road to Better, the last thing I need is a BADDOG taking a hunk out of him. So Red Dog got in lots of trouble. And the result was this look, a very sadbaddog. Sadbaddogs lose their ears.

Contrite, no?

Now the Wootie Master needs to be in colour because an oranger dog there never was. In this shot I managed to get this his lovely plume of a tail, which I swear is as big as the dog himself. His big big eyes always make him a fetching subject as well.

Piper is already black and white, so she looks good in either format. I desaturated the photo a little to emphasize her lovely brown eyes. I know she looks all attentive and such, but really she thinks the camera lens cap I am holding in my hand is either a) food or b) a toy of some kind. The only thing that would get her attention more thoroughly would be sheep. But they are difficult to hold in the air.
And lastly, we have Tweed. I have nothing good to say about this dog. He is either ridiculously happy looking in photos, or he is a no-eared suspicious dog. In this case, we went for deliriously happy.
I have no photos of Toilet Kitty. He is still mad at Red Dog and is hiding in the bathroom again. I did notice though that he got a good whack in, as RD has a long deep scratch down the center of his nose.

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