Saturday, April 28, 2007

Woo's Got Balls

Well, not really. Like all of my dogs, Woo is neutered (shameless pet responsibility plug). But Woo's got One Big Ball courtesy of FIFA - the dumpster soccer ball. Walking home from the park the other day, WootieMac discovered someone's discarded soccer ball and gave me "pleeeeeeze mummie" eyeballs, so I let him take it home. Best. Discovery. Ever. Woo LURVES his soccer ball. Big noises come out of little Woo that bring paramedics running, and make regular people fall down laughing. It's bizarre.



The ball can cause Woo some difficulties, i.e., sand in the eyes

But the bastard ball proves to be even more difficult when it tries to escape in the ocean.


Even The Tenacious B (aka Red Dog) concedes and lets the bastard ball make its escape.


And then a show off big mouth lab comes along and hustles off with the ball like it's no big deal. phhbbt.

I tried to help the Woo out by giving the ball a good boot in it's leathery little rear, and Woo repays me with a completely useless back shot. Thanks for nuthin' Woo.

So Adrian shows up at the beach (stalker) and lends me a hand ... er, foot, and gives the ball a mighty boot that then grants my wishes three and affords me what was, hands down, the best shot of the day.

The is your Woo. This is your Woo on Soccer.

And speaking of stalkers, I don't know why Red Dog even bothers to come back to shore with these two scary hounds waiting for him.

And speaking of scary, TELL ME these two have not turned into OneDog SameDog. Lars (one 'a'. Got it. Jeez) now swims. Tweed has grown uppy ears. I'm damn scared. One Tweed is bad enough; two can only signify Armageddon.

So, umm, got puppy breath?

Puppy coming

Puppy going

And I'm really starting to think that Adrian is using my blog as his personal dating service. Oh yeah sure, he just happened to crouch down in front of my camera and make smoochies with adorable puppy face. Oh yeah, that doesn't make girls swoon and stuff. What-ever. Fine. I'm his pimp. Here you go. The price just went up.

And now, a picture of some guy's wiener.

Why, who is THIS extra handsome fella?

Harriet will give that some deep thought.

Parker's going to reflect on it awhile.
And for Jackie, who doesn't understand why I'm not taking photos 24/7 and uploading them to flickr and my blog, like, all the time, some more photos of Harriet and Parker.

This is a happy Parker.

This is Camo Harry (where? where's Waldo?)

And this is what Parker and Harriet look like when you chop off Parker's front legs.

If you chemically fuse Mr. Woo with a Brittany Spaniel, it might look a little something like this. It appears to be angry.

Okay and lastly ... what? Why? GOD.

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Brianna said...

I love love love the shaking dog pictures! They're my favorite!